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Navigating Difference: Cultural Competency Training for Extension Professionals

Save the Date!

May 8-10,  2012  Spokane, Washington

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for more information.

Registration will open on the website March 27. 

Sharpen Your Skills
The people and the communities serving and served by Extension programs throughout the United States are more diverse than ever. Navigating Difference will help you as an Extension professional:

  • Become more aware of your own personal and organization culture;
  • Examine how those cultures affect your ability to work across difference, negatively and positively; and
  • Hone your ability to work with others different from you.

Award Winning Curriculum
Navigating Difference, based on WSU's outcome based Cultural Competencies is a National 4-H Program of Distinction.

Focus On Results
Those who participate in Navigating Difference increase their ability to:

  • Use cultural guides to plan and implement programming;
  • Recognize cultural conflict styles;
  • Understand the barriers to intercultural communications;
  • Ask more questions;
  • Listen more carefully; and
  • Look for non-verbal cues from those with whom they communicate.

Trainers: Mary Katherine Deen, Merrianneeta Nesbitt, Louise Parker, WSUE Navigating Difference Trainers.

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