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Extension Bulletins

WSU Bulletins

A wide range of useful publications in the Fruit Horticulture area are available to the public from WSU Cooperative Extension, some oriented to commercial agriculture and others to home orchard needs.

For bulletins giving information on pests and diseases, see Pest Problems

Online Catalog of Extension Bulletins

General topics are listed on the left side of the page, or use the search box to enter a specific request.

Fruit – mostly subjects related to commercial orchard fruit production, as a general topic

Small Fruit – covers small fruit, grapes, berries with mostly commercial orientation

Berries – cultural topics, commercial and home area

Grapes – mostly commercial orientation

Tree Fruit – mostly commercial orientation

  • Fruit Handbook for Western Washington: Varieties and Culture (EB 0937)Basic guide for home orchards in western Washington, provides a list of tree and vine fruit varieties as well as commonly used rootstocks for successful planting. Cultural factors such as site selection, soils, pollination, pest identification and harvest are included, with reference to publications that cover topics in more detail. Also provides bloom charts for apples, pears, plums, and cherries, and a month by month calendar of what to look for in the orchard.

Apples – general, commercial, some home orchard topics

Cider Apples

Nuts – general, some home orchard information

Pears – general, some home orchard information

Stone Fruit – mostly commercial orientation, for eastern-central Washington climate


Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Flowers

Other Bulletins


Information on cultural practices for the home orchardist and backyard gardener, presented over the years, at training sessions, field days, and orchard tours, is available as handouts.