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Whatcom Ag Monthly

July 2020

Volume 9 Issue 7

Second Quarter Weather Recap: 2020, How Does It Compare?

The weather has seemed cooler and wetter than previous years, but how does 2020 actually compare so far to recent years?You will be surprised just how different the data says it is.

Pruning and Training of Berry Crops, Kimifruit, and Grapes

Jan 1, 2020
A series of online pruning modules, developed by Dr. Bernadine Strik, Professor of Horticulture, is now being offered through Professional and Continuing Education at Oregon State University. The series is designed to provide small farmers…

Packaged Foods & Value-Add On-Demand Online Course

Jun 14, 2020
For entrepreneurs considering moving into the packaged food space or farms looking to develop value-added product(s), this on-demand, self-paced online course will provide a basic overview of the process from concept to market. With 3-4…

International Quinoa Research Symposium

Aug 17, 2020
Registration for the ONLINE International Quinoa Research Symposium is now live and completely FREE. Participants can look forward to three full days of learning including: keynote speakers, recorded field walks, interactive poster sessions, and online…