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Insider’s Guide to the 2022 Washington Small Fruit Conference

Volume 11 Issue 11

The 2022 Washington Small Fruit Conference is weeks away and we have several new things this year. Below is a quick guide to the event.

When: Tuesday November 28th and Wednesday November 29th Registration opens at 8 am


Small Fruit Commission Meetings

This year the WA Blueberry and Red Raspberry Commission Meetings will occur just after lunch and will highlight the typical business meeting of the commission, but also some key industry speakers will talk about such topics as markets.

Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Training for Pesticide Handlers

Educators from WSDA will be on site to deliver the WPS training for those that handle pesticides. Topics are practical in nature and five pesticide credits will be available during each session.

There will be two different trainings: 1.) Tuesday November 28 from 8:30-5:00pm in SPANISH ONLY, and 2.) Wednesday November 29 from 8:30-5:30 in ENGLISH ONLY. You can only sign up for one of these sessions.

This training covers  a variety of topics such as:

  1. Pesticide Decontamination Practices
  2. Respirator Identification Use and Maintenance
  3. Personal Protection Equipment – Identification, use and maintenance
  4. Pesticide Mixing and Loading
  5. WPS Additions – including pesticide storage, drift management, cleaning and disposal and other pesticide- related topics

NOTE:  Attendees who do not have a license, would receive a WPS training verification card good for a year.

If you have more questions about this training please contact

To register for WPS Training see below