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Seeking Collaborators for On-Farm Trials of Plastic Mulches in Raspberries

Volume 9 Issue 2

The WSU Small Fruit Horticulture program is looking for three raspberry growers to participate with them in spring or summer planting trials that would evaluate growers’ opinions of plastic mulches before and after use on their farm. Participating growers would have the WSU research team help them apply 1-3 plastic mulches on their farm so they may compare it to their standard growing practices. The size of the trial would be small and can be tailored to the grower. The only data we would collect is survey data before and after mulch use. Data would be anonymous and we would prefer to work with growers that have not previously used plastic mulches for their raspberry operation. If interested, please email or call Lisa DeVetter (email:; phone: 360-848-6124)