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Climate Change

480px-The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17 These fact sheets and websites will help you understand the facts about climate change and the important questions facing our world.

  • Global Climate Change – Fact sheet presenting what we know, what is predicted, what we are currently seeing and documenting, and what can be done to reduce climate change and its impacts.
  • Climate Change video series¬†–¬†This narrated slide presentation summarizes the science of climate change and its implications for humans and ecosystems. It is peer-reviewed and written at a lay level so is easy to understand. It is divided into 10 short sections in video format to allow viewing a few minutes at a time.
  • Regional Approaches to Climate Change for Pacific Northwest Agriculture – A project committed to sustainability and building resiliency in cereal production systems.
  • Climate and Rural Energy Development Center – The Climate Center webpage provides information about relevant state, regional and national activities and resources about climate change and renewable energy resources.
  • Climate Friendly Farming – A project to better understand carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and to establish research projects focused on improving the resiliency of agriculture to a changing climate.
  • The AgClimate Network is a web-based hub for data, analysis and communication between regional scientists and stakeholders about climate change and agricultural and natural resources topics.
  • Climate Impact Group – Hosted by the University of Washington this site provides up-to-date information, hard science and data analysis to help decision makers.