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Video: Plant It Right (17 min.)

Natural landscaping can conserve water and improve water quality. Methods include: retaining or increasing the use of native plants, improving soil fertility naturally, reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides, ensuring plant health, using drought tolerant plants, and planting a buffer to protect streams, lakes and marine shorelines.

Planting & Landscaping

Native plant on pathManaging Pests

  • Natural Insecticides – Describes what natural insecticides are, how they work, application restrictions. Addresses common misconceptions associated with products labeled “natural” and “organic.”
  • WSU Integrated Pest Management and Pesticide Safety – Workshops, training and re-certification website.
  • Hortsense – Website with fact sheets on all types of home gardening pest or disease problems.

Improving Soil

Close up of hands planting a tree