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Youth Curriculum

Washington Youth EFNEP

The Washington EFNEP program utilizes two curriculum for youth: “Choose Health, Food, Fun & Fitness (CHFFF)”; and “Show Me Nutrition.” Availability of youth programming is determined by each county. Please contact your local EFNEP program if you are interested in Youth EFNEP or submit an inquiry on the Contact WA EFNEP page.


Choose Health, Food, Fun & Fitness (CHFFF)

This comprehensive nutrition and fitness curriculum contains six lessons for 3rd to 6th graders. CHFFF is published by Cornell University’s Division of Nutritional Sciences in collaboration with Cornell’s Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development Program. Topics include: replacing sweetened drinks with milk or water, eating more vegetables or fruits, reducing high fat and high sugar foods, and active play for 60 minutes each day.

CHFFF is intended for use by Extension educators with a background in nutrition and experience working with youth. The suggested class size is 10-12 children.

Show Me Nutrition

This complete program includes seven to eleven lessons depending on grade level of youth participants with lessons ranging from 3rd to 8th grade. Show Me Nutrition is a product of the University of Missouri Extension. Themes throughout the lesson plans include: nutrition, food safety, physical activity, media, and body image. Each grade level is paired with age-appropriate content and the 3rd through 5th grade programs are designed with family newsletters to support lesson content outside of the learning environment.

A hispanic teacher working with three students about nutrition
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