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4-H Record Books

These files are Microsoft Word (version 97-2003) documents for members and leaders to review and complete on a computer. Always SAVE THE DOCUMENT to your computer before opening it.

Print all pages front to back and in the suggested color if you want them to match.

Front & Back Cover (pale green)

4-H Record Book Cover

        4-H Record Book Back Cover

Calendar (beige/tan)

My 4-H Planning Calendar

4-H Projects (project plan page & photo page in white & project pages in pale yellow)

My Project Plans

Market Livestock Project

Breeding Livestock Project

Creative Kids Projects

Poultry Project

Rabbit Project

Horse Project

Project Photos

Demonstration page (Neon pink)

4-H Demonstration

Permanent Record (Neon orange)

4-H Permanent Record

4-H Story (light orange)

My 4-H Story