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Agriculture has dominated Garfield County’s economy with farms occupying two-thirds of the county. Wheat is the main crop, though other grains such as barley and bluegrass are also grown.

Feeding Straw to Beef Cows

This year has been terrible in terms of hay and forage production.  I have heard many reports of drastically reduced forage yields.  Some of the best reports were hay crops that were 50% of normal, but most of the producers I have spoken to indicate that the yield is a quarter to a third of what is produced on a normal year. Why did this happen?

New Drought Website

The new drought website shares timely updates and a wealth of water conservation information to help farmers deal with a dry year. Farmers can find research based publications, drought updates, useful links and news on drought-related issues.

Visit the drought website >

The National Association of Wheat Growers Officers

The National Association of Wheat Growers concluded its annual conference, which entailed organizational action and adoption of 2021 policy priorities. Given the impacts of COVID-19 over the past year, the board re-elected the same slate of officers to continue in their roles for 2021. With that action, the board has re-elected Dave Milligan (MI) as President; Nicole Berg (WA) as Vice President; Brent Cheyne (OR) as Treasurer; Keeff Felty (OK) as Secretary; and Ben Scholz (TX) as Past President.

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