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Welcome – Bienvenido

portrait-Aug2007-WebpageThe Latino Community Studies and Outreach (LCSO) initiative is an effort of Washington State University Extension to increase its outreach and service to the growing Latino community in the state of Washington.  Our website will provide you information and resources in regards to the Latino community’s situation, needs, issues and contributions.  Our mission is to assist Latino families improving their lives and support their growth and contributions to the community and the state.  LCSO also provides opportunities to WSU Extension educators and other service providers, and scholars on best practices reaching out and communicating cross culturally with the Latino population.

Our areas of focus include:

§  Latino small business.  Latino small businesses are an important component in Washington State’s economy and researching and supporting these entrepreneurs will help the state’s economic growth.  We provide training and information to Latino small business owners and prospective ones.    

§  Cultural competency working with Latino families and communities.  Many organizations, agencies, and institutions have little or no experience working with Latinos audiences and need the tools and skills to effectively interact and serve Latino families.  We provide training to entities and individuals to better understand and work with the Latino population. 

§  Latinos in agriculture.  This includes partnering with WSU Extension programs, organizations, and agencies to assist Latino small farmers to be more successful and sustainable farmers.  We offer information and education to Latinos involved in agriculture. 

§  Leadership.  Latinos are underrepresented in leadership positions.  Our newest component is a multicultural leadership training for Latino college students.

Please contact us for further information about what we do and how we can be of service to you.



José L. García-Pabón, Ph.D

Associate Professor and Specialist