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Vitae (CV)


Community Sustainable Development Specialist

Contact Information

600 128th Ave. SE
Everett, WA 98208

Office (425) 357-6008
Fax (425) 338-3994


2001    University of Minnesota, Ph.D., Department of Work, Community, and Family Education. Emphasis in Extension and Community Education
1994    University of Florida, M.Sc., Department of Agricultural Education and Communication. Emphasis in Farming Systems Research and Extension
1983    University of Kassel, Germany. Agronomy, Department of International Agriculture

Core Skills

  • Trained and experienced in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating community and economic development outreach programs
  • Expertise in community development and leadership
  • Effective in building partnerships, coalitions, and synergies with internal and external units including centers, organizations, agencies, governments, private entities and others
  • Capable and experienced in leading and directing teams, projects and organizations
  • Proficient in working in multidisciplinary and multiethnic teams
  • Strong and focused team player
  • Strong written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Trained in qualitative and participatory research
  • Fluent in spoken and written Spanish (native speaker), English and German

Key Professional Experience

July 2009 – to date: Latino Community Studies and Outreach Specialist.  Washington State University Extension (WSUE).  Continued the outreach and research program started in the previous position. Developed a new training institute for the University community (students, faculty, extension educators, and staff) on cultural competency reaching out and researching Latinos and other minorities. Member of the diversity training team of WSU Extension. Co-proposed and implemented a “Rural/socially disadvantaged microenterprise program” in rural Washington in collaboration with the “Horizons” Program to reduce poverty. Lead the formation of a new project “Assistance to the financial health of Latino businesses” providing targeted technical assistance to Latino business owners and the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. Co-conducted a research project on the Latino health paradox in Pasco, WA for a grant proposal for the National Institute of Health.

July 2007 – June 2009: Assistant Professor and Latino Community Development Specialist. Department of Community and Rural Sociology, Washington State University (WSU). Developed an outreach and research program with/for Latinos to improve their wellbeing in Washington. Particular areas of focus included leadership and civic engagement, strategies to increase Latino participation in outreach programs and research projects, and Latinos in the food and agricultural system. Co-conducted a needs and evaluation project with small Latino and Hmong farmers in Washington. Developed and conducted trainings for service providers, educators, and local leaders to effectively serve and interact with minorities. Implemented workshops, presentations, and guest lectures to increase awareness about the contributions and challenges of Latinos and other minorities in Washington. Established a Latino Hispanic Action Team, an Outreach Services committee, a listserv, a blog, and other initiatives to increase services and research on people of color. Developed publications and information materials for policy makers, leaders and the public on Latinos. Established lasting partnerships with local, state, and multistate entities to reach out and work with the Latino community.

November 2001 – July 2007:  Extension Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture Program, Department of Rural Sociology, University of Missouri (MU). For the first time at the University of Missouri, developed and delivered programs to educate and assist Latino and Hmong farmers in the state.  Established partnerships with immigrant farming organizations and federal agencies to develop and implement training and information opportunities for immigrant farmers. Co-developed and taught an undergraduate course on sustainable agriculture with emphasis in the social aspect of sustainable agriculture. Provided assistance and supervision to students interested/involved in sustainable agriculture, minority farmers, and rural issues. Developed Extension and other publications on sustainable agriculture and Latinos in agriculture. Established and coordinated a stakeholder board and a program coordination committee.

October 2002 – July 2007: Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator for Missouri, USDA, North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR-SARE) Program (in conjunction with the above position). Created awareness and understanding among state sustainable agriculture coordinators, regional staff and NCR-SARE Administrative Council members on Latinos in the food and agricultural system. Helped NCR-SARE identify issues impacting minorities in agriculture (farmers and workers) and developed culturally appropriate sustainable agriculture information. Became the regional resource person for Extension educators on Latino/Hispanic producers in 12 states in the North Central Region.

November 2000 – August 2001: Minnesota Multicultural Youth Corps coordinator, Center for 4-H Youth Development, University of Minnesota Extension Service. Planned, implemented, and evaluated a one-year program for high school youth of various cultural and language backgrounds on diversity and leadership. Created and carried out recruitment strategies, developed a curriculum for the program, established and maintained an advisory board, planned and implemented retreats and monthly sessions on diversity and leadership, debriefed and evaluated sessions and activities with the youth, and established and maintained collaborative links with supporting NGOs and individuals.

September 1998 – August 2000: University of Minnesota Migrant Project (U-MP) Coordinator, Office of the Associate Vice-president for Multicultural and Academic Affairs, University of Minnesota.  Promoted, recruited, organized, and coordinated a university course and a summer internship on Latino migrant farmworkers; conducted seminars, prepared, and supervised students. Established and maintained collaborative relationships with communities of migrant farmworkers, NGOs, grass roots organizations, and state and federal agencies. Linked university resources and communities, and conducted participatory action research with Latino workers. Member of the Minnesota Migrant Consortium, a group of migrant farmworker serving agencies and organizations.

1997 – 1998: National Coordinator of the Project “Promoting Economic Rural Development”, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Bolivian Ministry of Rural Development, La Paz, Bolivia.  Managed and lead a 2 million-dollar international project. Facilitated and established dialogue and consensus among social, economic, private and public stakeholders in rural and community development; and initiated and consolidated the project. Lead teams; planned project concepts, goals, strategies and evaluation procedures; organized and conducted workshops and meetings on economic rural development practices and policies at national, regional, and local level. Established and maintained links with national, regional and local level officials, supported local governments and rural entities to access resources, and promoted the project.

1995 – 1997: International Consultant on Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation of rural development, agricultural, natural resources management, social, and gender projects Bolivia and Perú. German Agency for Cooperation (GTZ), Conservation International, Washington D.C., Catholic Relief Services, World Food Program, and national NGOs.  Conducted needs assessments using PRA, FSRE, and RRA methodologies, ex-ante and ex-post evaluations, base line studies, and project planning using the logic model and other planning tools. Evaluated multi million dollars projects in agriculture, the environment, and economic development.  Formulated and proposed sustainable, economic and natural resource management plans. Completed reports used for funding negotiations with international agencies.

1994 – 1995: Operations and Administration Manager, CISMEX, a timber and lumber export company, La Paz, Bolivia. Monitored, tracked, and supported timber activities; supervised personnel, managed human resources and funds, established and maintained working relationships with national suppliers and international customers, and acted as general manager as needed.

1989 – 1992: Director of the agricultural development project “Horticulture in Luribay Valley”, Bolivia; project funded by the German organizations Bread for the World and Services in Overseas, and the Catholic Charities of Bolivia.  Planned, implemented, and monitored sustainable agricultural extension programs for small farmers, formulated project goals and strategies, carried out educational and extension events with and for small farmers and community members, supported participatory small irrigation projects with communities, established inter-institutional collaborations and communications with NGOs and international rural development projects.

1984 – 1988: Teacher, academic advisor and project manager Agricultural Vocational and Technical School Calasanz-MILT, Leon, Nicaragua; project funded by the German organization “EIRENE, Services for Peace”. Taught courses in soils, irrigation, and farm management, and conducted practical field training with senior students. Developed school programs and curricula in line with local and national needs, advised and supervised students, linked the school with international solidarity groups, assisted the principal on academic and administrative aspects, supported students’ organizations, and managed funds.


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Other Writings

Garcia, J.L., Martz, F. (2006). Sustainable Agriculture: Theory and Practice. Undegraduate course developed for the Sustainable Agriculture Degree Program of the University of Missouri.

Garcia, J.L., Englund, L. (2000). Participatory Approaches to Community Development. Graduate course developed for the Department of Work, Community and Family Education, University of Minnesota.

Garcia, J.L. (1988). Course text: Introduction to Economics and Administration of Agricultural Enterprises (in Spanish), Agricultural Institute “Calasanz”, León, Nicaragua.

Grants and Gifts Received

2010    Gift from the “Colegato” Foundation.  Latinos in agriculture project ($15,000)

2009    Latino/Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program.  $85,000 (Co-PI). Small Business Development Center.

2008    Engines of the New Farm Economy: Assessing and Enhancing the Benefits of Farmers Markets for Small and Mid-Sized Farms and Communities. $500,000 (Co-PI).  USDA National Research Institute.

2008    Latino and Hmong Farmers Impact Evaluation and Needs Assessment. $23,000 (PI) non-competitive. WSU Small Farms Program.

2006    Inclusion Leads to Success: Assisting Minority Farmers and Ranchers to use Federal Agricultural Services in Missouri and Beyond. $215,000 (Co-PI). USDA Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers.

2005 – 2006     Professional Development Program Plan of Work for Missouri. $300,000 (Co-PI). USDA North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

2005    Cultural Competency Working with Latinos in Agriculture. $75,000 (Co-PI). USDA North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

2005    A Business Plan Guide for Latino and other Minority Farmers. $40,000 (PI). USDA North Central Risk Management Education Center.

2004    Empowering Latino Producers Through Risk Management Education and Networking. $40,000 (PI). USDA North Central Risk Management Education Center.

2004    A Training Program on Human Risk Management for Producers Employing Latino Agricultural Workers. $40,000 (PI). USDA North Central Region Risk Management Education Center.

2004    Promoting Sustainable Agriculture and Spanish Language Materials to Educators, Media and Latino Farmers. $6,000 (PI). USDA Sustainable Agriculture Network.

Development and Implementation of Institutes and Training

2010    “But They Don’t Come” Strategies to increase Latino participation in outreach programs. Two in-depth institutes in Everett, Washington

2009    “But They Don’t Come” How to increase Latino participation in outreach programs. Four in-depth institutes in Lynwood, and Mount Vernon, Washington.

2008    “But They Don’t Come”, Strategies to Increase Latino Participation in Outreach Programs. Two workshops in Moses Lake and Othello, Washington

2006    Fundamentals of Sustainable Agriculture for Extension Educators. Columbia, Missouri

2006    Introduction to Grant Writing in Sustainable Agriculture. Three workshops in Missouri

2005/06 Cultural Competence Working with Rural Latinos. Six workshops and three institutes.  Missouri, Illinois and Michigan

Presentations at Professional Meetings

2010    Cross cultural communication with Latino students and their parents. GearUP conference, Vancouver, Washington

2009    “Why Don’t They Come”, Strategies to Work with and Research Latinos. Rural Sociological Society 72nd Annual Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, August

2009    “Why Don’t They Come”, Training Needs and Opportunities for Professionals Working with the Latino Community  Poster presentation, Memphis, Tennessee, July

2009    “But They Don’t Come”, Training Needs and Opportunities for extension Professionals in Working with Latino Audiences.  5th Annual Tri-State Diversity Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio, February

2007    Cultural Competency Working with Rural Latinos (2nd presenter). Cambio de Colores Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, April

2007    Organic and Sustainable Agriculture in English and Spanish. Migrant and Rural Farmworker Organizations. San Antonio, Texas, March

2006    Reaching Diverse Audiences with Sustainable Agriculture (2nd presenter James Hill). Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education National conference, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August

2006    Latinos in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges for Success in Missouri (2nd presenter Jill Lucht). Rural Sociological Society national meeting.  Louisville, Kentucky, August

2005    Latino Farmers and Sustainable Agriculture. National Small Farm Conference, Greensboro, North Carolina, October

2005    Our Food Providers of “Hoy y Mañana”: The Latino Agricultural Community in Missouri. Cambio de Colores: Latinos in the Midwest Conference, Columbia, Missouri, May.

2005    Risk Management Education for Latino Farmers. Risk Management Education national meeting. Kansas City, April

2004    Latino Farmers: Characteristics and Risk Management Education Programs. Risk Management Education National Meeting. Kerney, Nebraska, March

Other Presentations

2010    Latino and rural microenterprise assistance pilot program. Tri-City Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Pasco, Washington

2010    Latino farmers in the State of Washington. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Spokane, Washington

2010    Latino demographics and cultural values. Kennewick School District, Kennewick, Washington

2010    Cultural Competence working with minorities. Carbon Master’s Program of Snohomish County, Everett, Washington

2009    The value of education and opportunities in agriculture. Various high and middle schools, Pasco and Kennewick, Washington

2008    Hispanic or Latino, Which one is right? Kiwanis International, Richland, Washington

2008    Multicultural Leader: How to be One. Latino Youth Summit, Olympia, Washington

2008    Earth, Nature, and the Human Dimension in Food and Agriculture, Olympia, Washington

2008    The Latino Community in Washington, Some Facts and Figures. Washington State University Tri-Cities, Richland, Washington

2008    Migrant Labor in Washington, guest lecture, Washington State University Tri-Cities, Richland, Washington

2008    Labor in Agriculture in Washington, guest lecture, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

2007    Cultural Competence working with Latino Agricultural Communities in the Midwest. National Diversity Conference. Seattle, Washington

2006    Sliced and Dice: Latino Labor in Agriculture. Guest lecture, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

2006    Cultural Competence Working with Latinos. Two guest lectures, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

2006    Perspectives of Sustainable Agriculture for Latino Farmers and Ranchers. Presentation at the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Operations Committee meeting.  Washington D.C.

2005    Latino workers in Missouri. Guest lecture, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

2005    Keynote speaker: Services and Characteristics of Latinos in Agriculture in the Midwest. University of Texas San Antonio. Latino Leaders Education program inauguration, San Antonio, Texas

Awards and Scholarships

  • Tri-City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Award for services as a member of the board of directors (2008 and 2009).
  • Member of the Minnesota Campus Compact Multicultural Education and Social Change Initiative, a group of twenty selected individuals in an initiative to encourage reflection and coordinated action toward multiculturalism and social change (2000).
  • Fulbright Scholarship for Master’s studies at the University of Florida, U.S.A. (1992-1994).
  • Scholarship from the German Government for International Agricultural Engineering studies at the University of Kassel, Germany (1978-1983).
  • Scholarship from the German Foundation for Development for an Agroecology course in “El Zamorano”, Honduras (1990).
  • Teacher of the year award at the Calasanz-MILT agricultural school in León, Nicaragua (1988)
  • Scholarship from the Carl Duisberg Society for a course on Systematic Decision-Making in Villa de Leyva, Colombia (1986).
  • Scholarship from the German Ministry of Cooperation for a course on Agricultural Extension and Administration in Witzenhausen, Germany (1983).

Professional Organizations

  • Rural Sociological Society
  • Community Development Society
  • Agriculture and Human Values Society
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Honors Society in Agriculture

Service and Community Involvement

2009          Evaluation team member for the Washington State University 4-H Program

2007-present   Member of the Board of Directors of the “Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce”

2007-present   Coordinator of the “Outreach Services Coordinating Council” of Washington State University

2008-present   Member of the “Diversity Plan Committee” of Washington State University Tri-Cities

2008    Search Committee member of the “WSU-Extension development Director” position

2003-2004       Planning committee member for the 2003, and 2004 “Cambio De Colores (Change of Colors)” Conferences, a Midwest conference on Latinos organized by the Cambio Center of the University of Missouri on Latinos

2003-2007       Steering Committee member of the National Immigrant