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COVID-19 Information for Farmers

On May 29, 2020 Governor Inslee initiated the “Safe Start” phase of the COVID-19 response. Guidelines were provided specifically for agricultural businesses . Below is a quick guide to navigating these guidelines and available resources to get your business prepared.

Guidelines for Agricultural Businesses

Recent WSU Webinar with Department of Labor and Industries 6/11/2020

Questions and Answers from Webinar Panel COVID Berries PDF

Questions and Answers from Webinar PanelCOVID Berries DOCX

Contacts for Free, Non-Regulatory Consultation

Download These Resources as a PDF

General COVID-19 Resources

UPDATED 6/14/2020

Guidelines for Agricultural Businesses

WA State

WA State “Safe Start” Essential Business Guidelines for Agriculture – General Provisions

WA State “Safe Start” Essential Business Guidelines for Agriculture – Interpretive Guidance

WA Department of Labor and Industries

Employee Training Kit in Spanish and English NEW

COVID-19 Resources

Fact Sheets and Prevention Materials

Requirements and Policies

Employee Training

Developing a Farm COVID-19 Plan – required under new guidelines

Washington Farm Bureau COVID-19 Policy Example (This is an extremely useful document)

Disinfectant Information

CDC Guidance for Businesses

OSHA Guidance – pay attention to pages 7-17, 21-25

CDC Key Facts about the Virus

For a free, non-regulatory consultation contact either:


Department of Labor and Industries Department of Health
David Conley Wayne Clifford
Region 1 DOSH Consultation Manager COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Task Force
(425) 290-1369 – Desk Medical Surge Branch
(425) 290-2101 – Cell Department of Health Incident Command
729 100th St SE 360-701-8158
Everett WA 98208 Wayne.Clifford@DOH.WA.GOV


Below is an exhaustive list of COVID-19 Resources for Agricultural Businesses

General COVID-19 Information

USDA COVID-19 Information

USDA_COVID-19 Federal Rural Resource Guide

FDA COVID-19 Information

WSDA COVID-19 Information

NOTE: WSDA has several great publications specifically on COVID-19:

    • COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease) and Animals  – Publication 824 [PDF]
    • COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease) Prevention Practices for Food Pantries – Publication 825 [PDF]
    • COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease) and Animal Food/Feed Best Practices – Publication 826

Whatcom County COVID-19 Information

ATTRA COVID-19 Information

Farmworker Health and Safety

Washington Department of Labor and Industries Resources

Whatcom County Health Department Guidance for Farmworkers

Farmworker Guidance English

Farmworker Guidance Spanish

Rutgers COVID-19 Information for Growers, Food Workers & the Agriculture Industry

Food Production and COVID-19

COVID-19 Working with Livestock – Publication 402-842 [PDF]

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease) and Food Production in Washington State – Publication 827 [PDF]

COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus Disease) – Produce Safety Program Information – Publication 828 [PDF]

CDC Video: What You Need to Know About Handwashing

CDC Video: Acabe con los microbios. ¡Lávese las manos!

EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

COVID-19 Washington Produce Industry Update

Recursos COVID-19 en espanol

WEBINAR: Farm and Community Food Program response to COVID-19 – keeping our farmers, customers and communities healthy

Business Operations and COVID-19

WA Farm Bureau COVID-19 Prevention Policy Example Plan NEW

USDA Emergency Farm Loans

US Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance

Paycheck Protection Program

Small Business Development Centers

WSDA Resources for Small and Direct Marketing Farms In Response to COVID-19

Cornell Cooperative Extension Article “Food, Farming, and COVID-19”

American Farmland Trust Farmer Relief Fund

Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund

WEBINAR: Farm resilience and COVID-19 in Washington State