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Raspberry Grower Perceptions Of Soil Health And Fumigation

Volume 6 Issue 2

Rachel Rudolph, Inga Zasada, Lisa DeVetter, Tom Walters, Chris Benedict, and Colleen Burrows

Perceptions of Soil Health

The following survey questions were given to grower volunteers during the Small Fruit Conference in Lynden, WA in both 2015 and 2016.

The survey was administered by presenting each question via PowerPoint. Participants were each given a clicker and responded anonymously to each question by pressing a button. Responses were collected wirelessly through a receiver.

Prior to answering the survey questions on soil quality, the survey respondents were given a definition of soil quality. The definition of soil quality that was provided was “the capacity of the soil to function” including both biotic and abiotic factors (Karlen et al., 1997).

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Funding and acknowledgements

USDA-NIFA-PMAP #2010-34381-21842

Thank you to Dr. Carol Miles for the use of her program’s clickers.

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