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Update on Dominus®, Vapam®, and Bed Fumigation Trials

Volume 5 Issue 10

Tom Walters, Walters AgResearch

2A) 2014 Dominus® and Vapam® trial

  • Treatments applied Sept 2014
  • Field treatments were: 1) Telone® C-35, 35 GPA, Deep-shanked (16″) with Trident application rig; 2) Vapam®,  75 GPA, applied at 5/11″ with Maberry Packing rig (Fig. 1); and 3) Dominus®, 40 GPA, applied at 5/11″ with Maberry Packing rig
  • Treatments were applied as 0.5 A blocks. Treatments were not replicated, but measurements made in 4-8 locations in each plot.
  • ‘Meeker’ raspberries were planted March 2015. In 2015, we saw that P. penetrans numbers were lower in Dominus® and Vapam®-treated plots, and plants grew better there.
  • First harvest was in summer 2016. We recorded three harvests from this field; No substantial differences among treatments were noted
  • Plant growth 2016: Number of primocanes per hill was comparable among treatments; canes in C-35 treated plots were slightly longer (Fig. 2).
  • Bottom line: Grower-applied Dominus® and Vapam® got plants off to at least as good a start as Telone® C-35 in a field with high P. penetrans numbers.

Figure 2. Primocanes per hill and height from plots treated with Dominus®, Vapam®, and Telone® C-35

2B) 2015 Bed Fume trial, treatments applied October 2015

  • Treatments applied Oct 2015 using Trident’s bed fume rig (injection points 8 and 15″ depth) (Fig. 3).
  • Treatments were: 1) Telone® C-35, 16.4 GPA (49 GPA in bed); 2) Dominus®, 18 GPA (56 GPA in bed); and 3) Dominus® Plus (Dominus:pic, 75:25) 26 GPA, (78 GPA in bed)
  • Treatments applied to one (Dominus®) or two (C-35, Dominus® Plus) beds.
  • Treatments were not replicated, but measurements made in 5 locations in each bed.
  • ‘Meeker’ raspberries were planted March 2016
  • Spring 2016 – no nematodes detected in most plots.
  • Summer plant growth: Dominus and Dominus Plus at least as many canes, canes at least as long as C-35 (Fig. 6).
  • Fall nematode numbers coming…
  • Bottom line: so far bed fume treatments look similar, Dominus® and Dominus® Plus seem comparable to C-35.

Figure 3a. Trident bed fumigation rig

Figure 3b. Trident bed fumigation treated plots

Figure 4. Primocanes per hill and height for bed fumigated plots.