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Weekly Mummyberry Update

Volume 5 Issue 3

Dalphy Harteveld, Washington State University NWREC

Photograph of fungi


Dr. Dalphy Harteveld, postdoctoral research associate at WSU Mount Vernon Research and Extension Center is currently producing weekly “Mummyberry Updates”. Her research focuses on the epidemiology and control of fungal diseases of highbush blueberry in the Pacific Northwest. The weekly Mummyberry Update can be found here. It provides information on the timing of apothecia (mushrooms) development from mummified overwintering berries in Washington’s Skagit and Whatcom counties. The apothecia produce infectious ascospores that infect emerging flower and leaf buds. In the update you find three tables, the first two tables show the average percentages of flower and leaf buds at different developmental stages of four different cultivars and when the plants are susceptible. The third table shows the different developmental stages of mummies of the pathogen and when the mummies are producing ascospores. This information is provided to help the timing of disease management practices to control mummyberry.