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Medal of Honor

Yakima County Medal of Honor Policies

In process of being revised by Yakima County 4-H Records Committee — 2017


Note:  A.  All 4-H members, club leaders, project leaders, activity leaders, service leaders and Honorary Leaders are needed to participate in this Yakima County Record Book Judging program.

  1. Policies will be reviewed before the January Council meeting each year.
  2. Medals may not be available for distribution before the middle of November.
  3. It is REQUIRED that a PUBLIC PRESENTATION be given in the area in which the member is applying for a Medal.


  1. Medals of Honor are awarded to deserving members ages of 8 years old to less than 19 years of age, who present record books for consideration. A maximum of four (4) Medals of Honor will be awarded in each category.  Medals will not be awarded if Record Books are not judged worthy.  If a Record Book is found to be nearly equal in quality to those Record Books receiving Medals, an Honorable Mention will be awarded.
  2. Cloverbud 4-H’ers may enter their Record Books for “Certificate of Completion”.
  3. The Medal of Honor nomination is to reflect the growth of the member as a result of participation in the project during the year as well as the total achievement within the 4-H program during the year. Selection of the member to receive the recognition will be made primarily on the member’s growth and accomplishments as shown in his/her Record Book.
  4. Any member who has shown individual achievement and development may be nominated for an appropriate Medal of Honor. Younger members will not be expected to accomplish as much as older members, and their Record Books will be reviewed accordingly.
  5. A member may be nominated for any number of Medals of Honor. However, a member will not be awarded more than three (3) Medals in any one year.  This does not include Fashion Revue Medals.  If more than three categories are listed, the Medals will be awarded by the member’s preference.  If a member qualified for a Medal of Honor but has already received the maximum number of three (3) Medals, plus a medal in General Achievement or Agricultural Achievement Awards being a total of four (4) Medals for that year, the Judge should inform the member by awarding an Honorable Mention.
  6. Any leader may nominate a member for a Medal of Honor. A leader from one club may nominate a member of another club if he/she wishes to make certain that no member is overlooked.
  7. Only the current year’s Project Records are to be submitted to support nomination. All current and past Permanent Record sheets must be included in the Record Book.
  8. It is REQUIRED that a PUBLIC PRESENTATION be given in the area in which the member is applying. A qualifying Public Presentation is a demonstration and/or an illustrated talk which is planned and organized to teach about the member’s project to a group of people.
  9. Follow the order of contents as printed in the Record Book.
  10. The Project Record must include Add Sheet to complete the project. Add Sheets include financial summaries must be used in place of the other summary in the Record Book.  If a project has a work book or work sheet, they can be included in the Record Book also.
  11. All Adult, teen, honorary and Service Leaders are welcome to serve on the Judging Committee and all clubs are encouraged to send an appointed Judge to help. ALL must attend the orientation session at the beginning of the activity.
  12. Decisions made by the Judges are final.
  13. For more information, refer to the Medal of Honor Score Sheet.

Special Awards

General Achievement Medal:  Member must have received three (3) Medals in projects including Home Ec, Livestock and one other.  Member must have done a minimum of four (4) different project Public Presentations and included Leadership in each project.

Agricultural Achievement Medal:  Member must have received three (3) Medals in projects related to agriculture and done three (3) different project Public Presentations and included Leadership in each project.


Recommendation for Medal of Honor Award

Medal of Honor Record Book Scoresheet and/or Completion Scoresheet