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The Agricultural Heart of Washington

Yakima county landowners often ask what crops or animals will thrive in our climate and what they will need to do to prepare the land for their intended use.  Given the fertile soil, Yakima County contains one of the most diverse agricultural cropping systems in the state, contributing over a billion dollars to the state economy.  Yakima County Extension experts can help farmers, landowners considering farming, and small-plot growers, such as urban farmers, learn the best practices for crop production, pest management, rangeland grazing, and marketing based on up-to-date research and industry standards.

You can find more information on the productivity of agricultural land in Yakima County in the USDA Census of Agriculture.

Aerial view of extensive orchards

Helpful Resources

Image of grasslands in a circle above podcast title

The Art of Range Podcast

The Art of Range podcast provides education through conversation with some of the brightest minds in rangeland management and livestock production. Washington State University rangelands and livestock specialist Tip Hudson interviews researchers, ranchers, and resource professionals to bring you extended discussion on topics that are of interest to anyone in rangelands work. A new episode releases every two weeks. This project is funded by a grant from the Western Center for Risk Management Education.

Icon of a single head of cattle at left with title "Stock Smart" at right in blue

Stock Smart

Use StockSmart to calculate stocking rates for cattle, horses, and sheep on any landscape in the Western U.S. Visualizing livestock terrain use by defining animal distribution related to water and slope helps you make more informed management decisions to graze sustainably.