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What is CLEAR?

Collaborative Learning for Educational Achievement and Resilience (CLEAR) partners with education systems to create and sustain trauma–informed models of practice through staff development, consultation, and support.

CLEAR is a three to four year systems change process that targets individual professional practice of classroom teachers and school system staff to address culture and policies to support integration of trauma informed practices into the school environment.

CLEAR aligns with more intensive services and empowers school professionals to support the high needs of students and families based on building resources and capacity in support of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) structures.

What makes CLEAR different from other professional development?

CLEAR is foundationally designed around the development of relationship within the school setting and all school staff. This model centers on the creation of safety in an environment with a common mission and vision towards the development, implementation and sustainment of trauma informed practice. We partner directly with staff around developing trauma informed environments conducive to learning. We do not do stand alone training sessions, but rather an integrated approach embedded in your school and district culture over an extended period of time.

What about all our other initiatives?

The CLEAR model is specifically designed to not be viewed as “one more thing” on your plate, but a new way of designing the “plate” itself in order to support academic achievement with a trauma  informed approach. The model is intentionally designed to integrate with current district and state initiatives. Our goal is to provide staff with the knowledge, skills, and tools to promote academic outcomes and support school systems in addressing the needs of all students.

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