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Health & Wellness

Program Contact: Kayla Wells-Yoakum, Family & Consumer Sciences Educator, Okanogan County Extension Director
(509) 422-7248 •

Consumer Food-Safety Outreach

If you have a food safety, food preparation or preservation, or nutrition question contact Kellie Conn at (509) 422-7245.

Nutrition in Me!

MVC-003F1Nutrition in Me is a six-week program that helps elementary students learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices. This program is offered to 3rd graders in Omak, Okanogan, Bridgeport, Pateros, Tonasket, Oroville, Pascal Sherman, and Brewster schools. Students learn a variety of things from accurate food servings to hand washing.

Third graders at Tonasket School learn the proper way to wash their hands. During this lesson, students first put Litter Bug Lotion on their hands to symbolize germs and places them under a black light in the view box. White sparkles show up, indicating their hands have germs on them. Students then wash their hands with soap and warm water and try the experiment again. The number of white sparkles show how well they washed their hands. This lesson is important to teach them how to reduce the risk of communicable disease.