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4-H, Youth & Family

Program Contact: 4-H Extension Coordinator Natasha Moffitt-Hemmer
(509) 422-7239 •
Are you looking for a place to learn about technology, the arts or animal sciences? Have you found yourself bored lately with watching TV or hanging out on your computer? Do you want to be a part of vibrant program that will engage you in positive activities and give you the opportunity to meet new friends with shared interests? Then, 4-H is the program for you. Check out the many programs we offer!

We partner groups of young people with caring adults as they pursue their interests. While in 4-H, you will have the opportunity to learn many new skills and gain self-confidence as you progress through the program. Learn how to join 4-H now!

Each group of 4-H members and adults participate in community service. This is your chance to give back to your community and learn what resources or needs your community may have. Who knows, your group may be the one who creates the next great community resource for Okanogan County.

4-H is a program about leadership. Each young person has the potential to learn how to become a great leader. With opportunities for county- and statewide leadership experiences, 4-H is the place to be. Our research based program has developed many of our great leaders and you could be the next. Not only do we help you learn about leadership, our Presentation program will assist you in developing the skill and self-confidence to engage in public speaking.