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Okanogan County Noxious Weed Control Board

To protect all lands and waters in Okanogan County from the devastating influences of non-native noxious weeds. We will promote control efforts through integrated weed management, focusing on education and prevention as the best control practice.

To achieve this goal, the Noxious Weed Office will provide education and increase awareness among all landowners and managers within the County, including Private, County, State, and Federal lands. We will work collaboratively in a partnership to address the spread of non-native species across jurisdictional boundaries.

The Noxious Weed Office will strive to achieve voluntary compliance with State Weed Law RCW 17.10 and WAC 16–750. To that end, we will enhance our public outreach and education efforts by providing educational classes and brochures, free on-site consultations to aid in identification and control options, in-office plant identification, public speaking services and other services as needs arise.

Larry Hudson, Manager

Darla Dolph, Lead Field Technician

Machelle Hawkins, Field Technician

Taylor George, Field Technician

Blayne Harvey, Field Technician 2


We are now located at 1234 Second Ave. S., Okanogan, WA 98840