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Current Projects

x̌stwilx Community of Practice

Engaging a broad and diverse group of community-based stakeholders in partnership with the WSU Colville Reservation Extension Office in a Community of Practice (CoP) model to develop and expand local expertise in trauma-informed principles and build capacity to address these issues at the community level. CoP meetings are held monthly beginning in March 2023.

CAHNRS Confluence: “Extension collaboration aims to help youth develop health responses to trauma, stress” (September 2023)

WSU Extension Volunteer Onboarding Training

Increasing capacity of Extension faculty, staff, and volunteers to address the consequences of the opioid epidemic and related risk factors of complex trauma and mental health with training on trauma-informed principles. Advisory committee meetings are held monthly beginning in September 2023.


National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative-Category III
  • In partnership with Lutheran Community Services Northwest and Educational Service District (ESD) 101, ARC treatment services are provided within various ESD 101 school districts
  • CLEAR implementation within ESD 101 school districts
  • Facilitate CBITs and BounceBack workgroups

National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative-Category II
  • Regional Partner Center Model
  • Regional Partner Center Facilitation Guide
  • Trauma-Informed Module Video Production
  • CLEAR implementation sites within various local school districts

Project AWARE

Increase educator efficacy and effectiveness relative to trauma informed teaching practices, especially those who live in rural communities with disproportionate access to services:

  • By collaborating with ESD 101, the project will aim to increase the educators exposed to trauma informed practices
  • CLEAR will be implemented in 5 new school sites throughout ESD 101




Collaborative Learning for Educational Achievement and Resilience (CLEAR)

Current implementing sites:

  • Harrington School District
  • Lind Elementary School
  • Arcadia Elementary School
  • North Pines Middle School
  • Reardan Elementary School
  • Ritzville Elementary School
  • Deer Park Elementary School



Washington State Department of Health Community Factors Measurement Project

The project will consult and engage community members and sector representatives in partnership with WSU Human Development and Prevention Science faculty to develop an analytic approach and supporting strategies that can be used to measure and monitor identified modifiable community-level factors associated with the prevention and reduction of childhood adversity including intergenerational transition of ACEs.


College Classroom

Faculty and Student Curriculum Development

This project is a collaborative effort to develop pre-service education packages for nursing, education, and public health faculty and students. The courses are designed to introduce professors and students in the fields of education and health sciences to the concepts of traumatic stress, Adverse Childhood Experiences, trauma-informed systems, and community resilience. Participants will be encouraged to assess their own lives, classrooms, and communities to consider how they might apply course concepts in the spaces they inhabit. Participants will be empowered to participate in the process of fostering healthier, more supportive environments for everyone.

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