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Washington State University

Update to WA State Vaccine Mandate

Following some revisions to the WA State COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the following update has been made for WSU Extension volunteers wishing to serve in the current 4-H year:

Unvaccinated volunteers, who have not received an accommodation, may serve on behalf of WSU Extension only if they work entirely outdoors.  No indoor volunteerism is permitted by volunteers who are not fully vaccinated (defined as 2 weeks post the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer or the first dose of Johnson and Johnson), unless the volunteer has applied for an exemption and has received an accommodation based on religious or medical grounds from WSU Extension.

In addition, unvaccinated volunteers who do not have an approved accommodation may serve on behalf of WSU Extension in off-site/virtual environments.  Offsite location is defined as locations that are not operated by or contracted with WSU; this includes working virtually.

Otherwise qualified 4-H volunteers who would like to avail themselves of this new opportunity  to enroll need to sign the commitment to comply with the conditions and submit to by July 18th.  This deadline allows time to gather the additional signatures and finalize enrollment in 4-H Online before it closes for the year.

The volunteer will also need to submit an enrollment in 4-H Online, using the protocols found here.