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Master Gardener

If you have plant, tree, or garden questions, please contact the office.
(509) 397-6290
Hours: M-F 8:30 am- 4 pm

Email photos and completed diagnosis forms to our Master Gardeners
(Fillable diagnosis forms below)

  • Include your name, full address, and phone number
  • Include pictures, both overall and closeups

A Whitman County Master Gardener volunteer will contact you via email or phone if they need further information on your question.
Some questions are more complex than others and are better addressed in a  discussion and with a sample of the plant. We may recommend you call or arrange to come to the office.

Fill out the appropriate diagnostic form and email or bring it with you, along with samples/pictures. Please, make sure you call to arrange a time to stop by.

Fillable diagnostic forms:
Plant Problem Diagnosis form

Lawn and Turf Problems form

Weed or Plant ID form

Insect ID form

Please follow the instructions below on preparing samples to bring to the Office:
Preparing Samples for Identification or Diagnosis


Flower Gardening Almanac

Vegetable Gardening Almanac

Soil and pest management almanac

Helpful Links

Adults in the Palouse Region interested in becoming a Master Gardener or taking Horticulture classes will have two opportunities starting in January 2024. This is offered through Asotin, Garfield, and Whitman Counties Extension in Washington and Nez Perce County Extension in Idaho.

The second opportunity is offered through Latah County Extension in Idaho.

To become a Master Gardener Volunteer, participants are expected to complete the classroom and module instruction (if applicable) and complete 40 hours of volunteer service in support of the program.  In addition, WSU Extension Master Gardeners will complete a background check and log their volunteer hours.

For more information about these Master Gardener opportunities contact:

Whitman County:

Janet Schmidt, Interim County Extension Director


Phone: 509-397-6290

Asotin & Garfield Counties     

Mark Heitstuman, Extension Director


Phone: 509-243-2009

Latah County

Ember Powell, Office/Program Coordinator


Phone: 208-883-2267

 Nez Perce County

Kathee Tifft, Extension Director


Phone: 208-799-3096

Asotin/Garfield/Nez Perce/Whitman County Documents