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For Volunteers & Leaders

4-H members are helped by adult volunteer leaders. Every 4-H club has one or more adult leaders.

These volunteer leaders:
  • Help teach boys and girls.
  • Help organize the club.
  • Help officers and assist at meetings.
  • Inform parents about 4-H.
There are different kinds of 4-H leaders:
  • General Club Leader: The main club leader and organizer who works with general club meetings.
  • Project Leader: Works with members on their specific project work.
  • Activity Leader: Responsible for one or more activities. Some examples are recreation, record keeping, public presentations or community service activities.
  • Teen Leader: Works under the guidance of an adult. Helps with activities and events or helps members with their project work.

4-H Volunteers are valued by WSU Extension and the 4-H Youth Development Program. 4-H volunteers and extension staff work together as a team.

How Do I Become A 4-H Leader?

Call the 4-H office at your WSU Whitman County Extension at (509) 397-6290 if you would like to start your own club. We will arrange an orientation meeting explaining 4-H guidelines and will give you the materials and publications needed for your new club.

All adult volunteer leaders need to:

  1. Contact the WSU Whitman County Extension Office
  2. Complete and sign the 4-H Application
  3. Have 3 reference forms completed
  4. Complete the E-Learning Modules- How to access eXtension E-Learning Modules
  5. Complete Putting the Child First Video- How to access eXtension Putting the Child First
  6. Attend face to face Leader Training
  7. Register Online
  8. Complete Background check with Sterling Volunteer

All adult leaders are required to attend Volunteer Leader Training by a 4-H agent. These classes are held throughout the 4-H year.