Guiding Good Choices

In five or six sessions, parents and caregivers learn specific actions that promote healthy development and reduce risky behavior in the teen years. Home practice and weekly family meetings build family connections and help families apply skills in real life. Guiding Good Choices® emphasizes strong family bonds as the key that motivates preteens to follow family guidelines and stay on a course toward better health and educational outcomes as teenagers. The following is a list of the sessions, with a brief description of each session:

Introductory Session

Building a Learning Community: Parents/caregivers learn about building community while participating in GGC virtually.

Session 1 Getting Started

How to Promote Health and Wellbeing During the Teen Years: Parents/caregivers learn about the social development strategy, risk and protective factor focused prevention and decide for themselves how they want to prevent problems in their own families.

Session 2, Setting Guidelines

How to Develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards: Parents/caregivers develop clear family guidelines and expectations for behavior.

Session 3, Managing Conflict

How to Deal with your Anger in a Positive Way: Parents/caregivers learn how to manage family conflict in a way that maintains and strengthens bonds with their children.

Session 4, Avoiding Trouble

How to Say No, Keep Your Friends and Still Have Fun: Youth are invited to attend this session with their parents/caregivers.  The youth learn skills they can use for staying out of trouble and keeping their friends, while still having fun.

Session 5, Involving Everyone

How to Strengthen Family Bonds: Parents/caregivers learn ways to strengthen family bonds and increase youth’s involvement in their family throughout the teen years.

Additional Program Resources

Key Contacts

WSU Key Contacts can facilitate the parent or caregiver sessions, or connect you to trained facilitators in your area.  WSU Key Contacts are also Master Trainers who can provide training to certify participants as trained facilitators for the Guiding Good Choices program.