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brown horseMany people, young and old, are discovering the satisfaction and pleasure that horses can bring them. The 4-H Horse Project can be an exciting and worthwhile experience for both you and your horse. There are many activities in the 4-H Horse Project. You may show your horse in a variety of classes: showmanship, English equitation, Western equitation, trail, dressage, driving, and jumping. Western Gaming events include Barrels, Figure Eight Stake Race, Key Race, Pole Bending, and Flag Races. You can show a young horse in Ground Training, and some counties offer First Year Under Saddle, In-Hand Trail, or Ranch Horse classes. In addition to showing your horse, you may take part in judging, hippology, horse bowl, presentations, and public speaking contests. Some members may wish to participate in clubs that mostly do pleasure riding, trail riding, or horse camping.
Washington State University Extension