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Teen Leadership Opportunities

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Leadership Grows Here

People are often amazed at the skills that 4-H members can demonstrate. From inside the program, we understand those skills are seldom “natural gifts,” they are the outcomes of commitment.

Our young people work hard through repeated attempts, facing both small successes and failures, as they slowly build mastery in their project, public speaking and leadership skills. Our leaders are experts at nurturing resilience. Through caring, encouragement and support we help teens reach their goals.

The Statewide 4-H Teen Programs do not spring out of a magical clover, fully formed. They are also built slowly: with commitment, with teens and volunteers focused on growing. Leadership sprouts in the club programs, it gets nurtured with county and regional projects and slowly, our members grow tall enough to see the summits of state and national 4-H program opportunities. State and National Teen Opportunities are almost ALL structured with opportunities and expectations for teen contribution. Their ideas, their voices and their efforts are essential to sustaining their programs.  We start building those skills early.

Engaging young people in leadership starts early

Our leadership programs begin with local county leaders and volunteers participating in youth-adult partnerships that give young people opportunities for leadership.

This website will provide direction for engaging in each tier of the 4-H youth leadership program.

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4-H Youth have numerous opportunities to be a leader at the county, district, state, and national level. Click the links in the left sidebar to view leadership opportunities and apply!



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