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Washington 4-H International Exchange


Interested in traveling outbound with 4-H International Exchange? Start an application at this link: and contact Carolyn Russo at ( to schedule an interview.

Washington State applications and interviews need to be completed and submitted by December 10, 2023

Dates, ages and countries being traveled to in the summer of 2024 are:

Costa Rica (age 15-18) June 20-July 19

Japan 4 week (age 12-18)  July 10-August 9

Japan 8 week (age 15-18)  June 12-August 9

South Korea  (age 12-17)   July 16-August 15

Taiwan (age 12-18) July 16-August 15

Norway (age 15-18) June 20-July 15

Argentina (age 15-18) June 20-July 15

For more information, contact 


Host a Youth Delegate for an Up-Close and Personal Cultural Exchange experience

Do you want to…

  • give your family the experience of a lifetime?

  • instill appreciation for other cultures?

  • learn new languages and communication skills?

  • create new lifelong friendships?

2023 Summer Programs

Summer Inbound Program is a great opportunity to provide an international experience for your family. For more information on any of these programs, contact Carolyn Russo

A Summer Host Family can do all this and much more!

Most summers in Washington since 1972, host families have opened their homes and their hearts to youth delegates through 4-H International Exchange. Families host a delegate for 3 1/2 weeks during the summer.

Delegates are 12 – 18 years old and have varying degrees of English fluency, but they all are excited to learn about American culture, share their culture with you, and experience American family life. No special activities are required, just hanging with your family doing your summer thing. All the while, your family is learning, growing, expanding your world, and making memories for a lifetime.

Give your family a global experience this summer. This summer we have eighteen young people visiting from Japan and Taiwan – for the first time! Our delegates are expected to arrive on Sunday, July 23rd and stay until Wednesday, August 16th. Host an international youth delegate and bring the richness of the world to your home!  For general information see the 2022 Summer Inbound flyer.

Delegates are to be matched in a family with a child of the same gender and within three years of age. Usually we match an older Asian delegate to younger youth.

 Adult chaperones and helpers do not need children in the home and are often hosted by two families during the exchange time.

 Families may host two delegates providing they are from different countries.

 Below are links to delegate lists in .pdf document form. These delegates are given a number and the “J” denotes Japan; “T” is for Taiwan.  F is female, M is male.

Japan/Taiwan Delegate List Page 1.pdf

Japan/Taiwan Delegate List Page 2.pdf

Japan/Taiwan Delegate List Page 3.pdf

Japan/Taiwan Delegate List Page 4.pdf

Apply online at States’ International Exchange Programs


Exchange Outbound Program

States’ 4-H Summer Outbound programs provide American 4-H youth with the opportunity to travel to foreign countries for a cultural immersion experience. Outbound delegates live with volunteer host families and engage in experiential learning about a new way of life. Delegates experience aspects of daily life that allow them to more deeply understand both their host culture and their own culture. Our network of like-minded international partners recruit host families and plan enrichment activities for the delegation.

All States’ 4-H Outbound delegates participate in pre-departure orientations held in the US. Delegations are accompanied by adult chaperones who remain in-country to provide support during the exchange. Delegates attend an in-country orientation upon arrival and prior to departing for their host families. Some programs include a summer camp or language learning elements as well.

Registration for 2023 is closed.  For more information on this program or get put on the 2024 waiting list, contact Carolyn Russo

Check out the Week #1 Update for the Costa Rica Outbound Program by clicking HERE!

Be a Host Family for the

Academic Year Program in 2023-2024

 Apply now to ensure a place for your student in your local school district

AYP engages high school youth from Eurasia, Japan, South Korea, and many other parts of the world. The student attends a local high school, but a high school host sibling in the host family is not required. Host families and individuals can be retired, empty-nesters, or families with young children. As a host family you need only make room for an international high school age young person in your life, and in return, you will be touched with new insight, appreciation for the wider world, and a new friend for life.

For more information go to States 4-H Academic Year Program or send an email with any questions you may have about this program to Carolyn Russo.

Apply online at to be an Academic Year host family

What’s it like to be
a host family?

For more information on any of these programs, contact Carolyn Russo.