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International Exchange


It is the goal of the 4-H International Exchange Programs to:

  • Help young people and their families understand the importance of knowing about other countries and their cultures.
  • Instill positive cross-cultural attitudes and skills that enhance mutual understanding and acceptance of all people.
  • Expand the opportunities for young people to experience global citizenship responsibilities in today’s interdependent world.
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence through adapting to new situations.
  • Learn languages and communication skills.
  • Increase global awareness.

Want to Host?

Can’t find the time and money to travel? Enjoy the exposure to different cultures which traveling brings? Looking for a low-cost project or experience in which the whole family can participate and grow together? Consider being a host family!

Hosting is open to 4-H families who are willing to bring an international visitor to their homes for four weeks during the summer, or for a school year (dates vary by program). Delegates typically come from Japan, Eurasia, Finland, Costa Rica, Norway, and Korea. Apply here (you will be asked to create an account).

For more information, contact Dianna Ullery:

Want to Travel?


Would you like to experience life in another country and culture by staying with a native host family? Sign up for an exchange program!

  • Visit Costa Rica, Japan, South Korea, or Norway
  • Youth ages 15 -19 are eligible (age requirements vary by program)
  • June and July are typically the travel months (dates vary by program)
  • Costs vary from $2000 – $5000. Included in cost: orientations, domestic and international travel, travel insurance, and more!
Adult Chaperone
  • Provide escort, leadership and guidance to youth in outbound programs. Chaperons also stay with host families.
  • Adults, 25 or older, experienced in working with youth and international travel
  • Cost vary from $500 – $1800, depending on the program. Transportation and other expenses are covered by the program.

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