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Washington 4-H Horse Contest Results Are In!
4-H Youths Show They’re Outstanding In Their Field – Virtually!!

2020 Virtual Horse Bowl

Congratulations to the 24 participants from 5 Counties who participated in the 2020 Washington State Virtual 4-H Horse Bowl Contest on August 29. It was a challenge to conduct a virtual contest; however, all participants, coaches and officials did a magnificent job!

Thank you to all the officials for their contributions with special appreciation to our Tech Support of RA Mazzola and Erika Kapur, who really made it possible.  Ann Vonderau was the Senior Moderator, Kim Baker was the Intermediate Moderator, Katie Huston was the timer, and Jennifer Leach was the judge.  Prior to the contest, there were multiple opportunities for coaches and team members to practice with the virtual format; again, thanks to our tech support and officials making time to provide this assistance. Thanks also to Pat Pehling, our statewide volunteer for Horse Bowl. It was all a team effort and a great example of equine science knowledge. Our state 4-H program leader, Dr. Nancy Deringer, was able to observe the contest and was very impressed with the level of knowledge of all the horse members that participated. This is what equine science is all about!!

Horse Bowl Results:
Champion Team – Skagit
Reserve Champion Team – Snohomish
Third Place Team – Thurston

Top Ten Individuals
1st with Gold Medal – Molly Greiner (Skagit)
2nd with Silver Medal – Emma Harding (Snohomish)
3rd with Bronze Medal – Julianne Sharpe (Skagit)
4th – Charlotte Pestinger (Thurston)
5th Maddy Durkin (Skagit), Hannah Kruchek (Snohomish) and Tristan Krohn (Snohomish)
6th Makenna Fransson (Skagit), Sadie Haworth (Snohomish) and Katie Pestinger (Thurston)

Champion Team – Skagit
Reserve Champion Team – Snohomish
Third Place Team – Spokane

Top Ten Individuals:
1st with Gold Medal – Addison Kapur (Snohomish)
2nd with Silver Medal – Elise Petermann (Snohomish)
3rd with Bronze Medal – Katelyn Cockrum (Snohomish)
4th Karina Lukner (Skagit)
5th Audrey Smith (Skagit)
6th Dakota Gruchalla (Snohomish)
7th Saige Bosworth (Spokane)
8th Morganne Wilson (Snohomish) and Makenna Wieck (Spokane)
9th Rachel Greiner (Skagit) and Isabelle Pefley (Spokane)

Of course, the county coaches deserve recognition for their commitment to serving the youth in their counties to prepare them for and support them in this contest:

Skagit – Sharrie Nelson and Hannah Brown
Snohomish – RA Mazzola and Erika Kapur
Thurston – Molly Pestinger
Spokane – Angie Bosworth

Submitted by Jennifer Leach, WSU Extension Faculty and Pat Pehling, Statewide Horse Bowl Volunteer Coordinator.

2020 Equine Presentation Contest

Congratulations to the senior 4-H members who participated in the virtual Equine Presentations Contest that was just completed on Saturday, September 19th. This was considered a State Fair activity, which will include ribbons and premiums from 4-H State Fair.

Equine Public Presentations are much different than other 4-H Public Presentations, as the topics/subject must pertain to the equine industry and each contest has very defined time constraints and penalties. Presentations not appropriately related to the equine industry can be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.

The Equine Public Presentations competition is comprised of three contests:

  • Public Speaking
  • Individual Presentation
  • Team Presentation

Public Speaking: Speeches should be 7-10 minutes in length. Three points will be deducted from the total score on each judge’s score sheet for every minute (or fraction of a minute) under 7 minutes or over 10 minutes.

Individual Presentations should be 9-12 minutes in length. Three points will be deducted from the total score on each judge’s score sheet for every minute (or fraction of a minute) under 9 minutes or over 12 minutes

Team Presentations should be 10-15 minutes in length. Three points will be deducted from the total score on each judge’s score sheet for every minute (or fraction of a minute) under 10 minutes or over 15 minutes.

The respective 4-H members are judged against a standard and scoring rubric of 100 points related to presentation format; visual aids; knowledge of subject matter; delivery; credit/content; and ability to answer questions. As usual, the Danish system of ribbon placing will be used of blue, red, or white. Blue means “excellent”; red is “average”, and white “needs improvement”

This contest is also very unique because three or four judges will be used and judges will score each entry independently and assign scores. After all presentations are presented and scores are tabulated, judges may confer and discuss evaluations. Each judge assigns his or her final scores. The top three judge’s cumulative final scores are tabulated to determine the final placings.

Equine Presentation Results

First Place Individual was Katie Pestinger from Thurston County with her presentation on “The History of Dressage: From the Battlefield to the Olympics”. Katie received a blue ribbon, champion rosette, and a gold medal. Second Place Individual was Navi Islam-Zwart from Spokane County with her presentation-“Equine Ulcers”. Navi received a blue ribbon along with a reserve champion rosette and a silver medal.
Third Place Individual was Dakota Kent from Snohomish County with his presentation about “Equine Nutrition”.

In Team Presentations the blue ribbons went to Charlotte Pestinger and Baeya Kardokus for their presentation on “Horses in Film”. They received  champion rosettes and gold medals.

All of these presentations were very well done, informative and reflective of the horse industry per the comments from the panel of three judges. For more information about Equine Presentations, please feel free to contact Jennifer Leach, WSU Extension Faculty at .

2020 Washington State 4-H Horse Judging Contest

Congratulations to the 65 participants from nine counties who competed September 12th in the Washington 4-H Horse “Virtual Judging Contest” hosted by Purdue University.  Thank you to the coaches who helped prepare their county 4-H members and to Kim Baker, Snohomish County Extension Staff, who handled registration and assisted members in creating accounts and navigating the actual contest! Thanks also to Pat Pehling, Volunteer State Horse Judging Coordinator, for being part of the “Virtual Implementation Team”. Pat helped in aspects of securing awards and getting awards distributed, and also the decision making in support of the contest. It is another great example of the work of volunteers that provide the energy and passion to our Washington State 4-H Horse Program! For awards, the top three teams will receive Patches, Top Ten Individuals and Top Reasons will receive rosettes, Top three Individuals will receive medals, all of which will be mailed to coaches or County Offices for distribution. Medals are sponsored by the Snohomish County 4-H Horse Program; other awards were made possible by entry fees.

Equine Judging Results:

Senior Teams:
Champion – Thurston County with 3 members
Reserve Champion – Kitsap County with 3 members
3rd – Snohomish County with 10 members

Senior Top Ten Individuals: (Ties broken by Question Score)

Placing County Name      Total
1st Gold Medal Thurston Baeya Kardokus 351
2nd Silver Medal Thurston Katie Pestinger 341
3rd Bronze Medal Snohomish Emma Harding 327
4th Spokane Navi Islam-Zwart (70) 311
5th King Rumor Pollard    (50) 311
6th Snohomish Jaeden Kapur    (60) 299
7th Snohomish Dakota Kent    (45) 299
8th Grays Harbor Annie Burnett 298
9th Spokane Haley Neumiller 290
10th Kitsap Abigail Wallace 287

Senior Top Reasons (Question totals) – Emma Harding – Snohomish County – 90 points

Intermediate Teams:
Champion – Clark with 3 members
Reserve Champion – Snohomish with 10 members

Intermediate Top Ten Individuals:

Placing County Name Total Score
1st Gold Medal Snohomish Breanna Parks 350
2nd Silver Medal Snohomish Amelia Kim 335
3rd Bronze Medal Kitsap Siara Mosby 328
4th King Ella Wax 325
5th Snohomish Makena Porter 315
6th Clark Cami Sundstrom 314
7th Spokane Saige Bosworth 304
8th Snohomish Madison Erickson-Corp 303
9th Snohomish Amanda Curtis 299
10th Snohomish Elise Petermann 296

Intermediate Top Reasons (Question totals) Ella Wax – King County – 75 points

Junior Top Ten Individuals

Placing County Name Total Score
1st Gold Medal Clark Aubrie Wheeler 253
2nd Silver Medal Spokane Jason Dodge 249
3rd Bronze Medal Snohomish Case Friesen 248
4th Snohomish Alice McFarlane 241
5th Clark Wyatt Wheeler 233
6th Thurston Miles Pestinger 232
7th Spokane Annika Warren 229
8th Snohomish Lilly Nolan 225
9th Snohomish Klara Mayhan 223
10th Snohomish Ryann Baze 219


This was truly a state team effort – thank you to Pat and Kim for your efforts. This could not have been done without Volunteer (Pat) and County 4-H Coordinator support (Kim).

Submitted by Jennifer Leach, WSU Extension 4-H Faculty and Pat Pehling, State Horse Judging Coordinator (volunteer).

2020 State 4-H Hippology Contest

A full six months after the initial contest date that was not once, but twice rescheduled (first due to COVID-19; then due to technical difficulties), on September 12th eighteen youths representing four counties were finally able to exhibit their horse knowledge and compete in the 2020 Washington State 4-H Hippology Contest.  In a time where we face challenges keeping youth involved in virtual activities, these contestants and their coaches willingly continued to dedicate themselves to study, albeit far longer than they originally anticipated! We are so proud of their efforts and accomplishments! Thank you, coaches, for hanging in there and continuing to provide the support our youth needed to have this opportunity.

Congratulations to all contestants and their coaches!

Hippology Contest Results:

Senior State Champions: Thurston County (Coach Molly Pestinger)

  • Baeya Kardokus – Silver Medal, High Point Judging
  • Stella Harris – Bronze Medal, High Point ID Stations
  • Charlotte Pestinger – 5th Place Overall
  • Katie Pestinger – 6th Place Overall

Senior Reserve State Champions: Snohomish County (Coach Rianan Livingston)

  • Jaeden Kapur – 4th Place Overall, High Point Exam
  • Savannah Schmidt – 7th Place Overall
  • Elaina Kunz – 8th Place Overall
  • Mary Sanders – 10th Place Overall

Third Place Team: Kittitas County (Coach Pauline Clyburn)

  • Adele Caron – Gold Medal
  • Chloe Clyburn – 9th Place Overall
  • Raylene Olea – 11th Place Overall

Intermediate State Champions: Snohomish County (Coach Rianan Livingston)

  • Amelia Kim – Gold Medal, High Point Exam
  • Addison Kapur – Silver Medal, High Point ID Stations
  • Madison Erickson-Corp – 4th Place Overall
  • Breanna Parks – 6th Place Overall, High Point Judging

Intermediate Reserve State Champions: Spokane County (Coach Angie Bosworth)

  • Jacqueline Reedy – Bronze Medal
  • Saige Bosworth – 5th Place Overall
  • Sadie Fouts – 7th Place Overall

Many thanks to Dr. Colleen Brady at Purdue University and her team for creating, facilitating and hosting the Washington State 4-H Hippology Contest on their Hippology Academy campus.extension platform.

Finally, a most appreciative thank you to Kim Baker, Snohomish County 4-H Program Coordinator, for her strong leadership and organizational skills in implementing this virtual contest and for pursuing this opportunity. it is the efforts of our volunteers and key staff that ensures the success of this virtual horse contest. This a great example of collaboration and planning.

For more information about planning and implementing your own county contest-please reach out to Kim Baker at

Factile Training Coming October 6th!

Join Zoom Meeting from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android:
Meeting ID: 984 3048 9670
Passcode: 959769

Youth Ages 16 to 24 – Apply to join the Youth Engaged 4 Change (YE4C) Editorial Board!

Great news! Applications are now being accepted for youth ages 16 to 24 to join the Youth Engaged 4 Change (YE4C) Editorial Board!

Editors help us address the issues that youth care the most about! They write, develop, and review content for the YE4C website, social media, and other digital media (like podcasts and videos). YE4C Editorial Board members join virtual meetings to discuss issues that matter to young people. They also work alone and in teams to review content and to create content for youth. Members are expected to contribute 5 hours per week for 10 months on content development, providing feedback, and participating in meetings. Ideal candidates care about improving their lives, care about helping others, and are excited about doing both via YE4C.

Past members have appreciated the opportunity to balance independent and shared work with other young people across the country. We are looking forward to making that happen with this next group as well. We will also be introducing Editorial Board members to leaders in the federal government to give them an opportunity learn more about the federal government and career paths that may interest them. We will also provide honoraria up to $1,000, YE4C swag, and a write-up on the YE4C Blog.

Visit the YE4C website to learn more.

Apply HERE.

Oregon State University Extension Shares Information Regarding Animal Exposure to Wildfire Smoke
Oregon State University Extension has created an information resource regarding exposure of animals to wildfire smoke. Access it at this link:

Washington State Team Participates In 4-H True Leaders in Equity Institute!
The 4-H National True Leaders in Equity Institute for 2020 went virtual September 11-13. A Washington State team of youth and adults was accepted to this year’s institute. Youth attendees Macline Noel of King County (lower right, below) and Natalie Dick of Yakima County (lower left, below) were chosen as a team, alongside Ju Namkung (upper right, below), a 4-H volunteer leader, and Anna Kitchin (upper Left, below), King County Extension SNAP-Ed Coordinator.

Alongside over a dozen teams chosen from around the country, the Washington participants explored how diversity can be supported in the 4-H Youth organization. The team will continue their work throughout the 4-H year with the support of the National 4-H Council. The specific project they will develop and implement explores racial equity and inclusion in 4-H.

National True Leader in Equity Ambassador Mayyadah Zagelow of King County was also a guest speaker at the institute, presenting a youth TED talk on LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Congratulations to all our Washington Equity Change-makers!

The Washington State 4-H Teen Equity & Inclusion Task Force is Calling for New Members!
The Washington State 4-H Teen Equity & Inclusion Task Force has ongoing enrollment and is eager to welcome new interested youth! Upcoming fall events will be virtual and include: a teen retreat, leadership conference, guest speakers, Halloween movie night, community service project and a winter celebration. New this fall, we are offering expanded programming for intermediate 4-H youth as well as recent alumni.

Consider joining our community invested in 4-H for ALL, and explore together how our youth organization can be a welcoming space for diverse youth participants. The same application through SurveyMonkey can be used for all. Apply by September 20th to join us for our Fall Teen Retreat on September 26th!

Apply at

Questions? E-mail to:

Save The Date! Washington 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest!!


Save the date of October 3rd at 10;00 am for the Washington 4-H State Livestock Judging Contest! Each County is allowed up to ten (10) participants per age group, and the top three scores of Intermediate and Senior participants will be used as the team score for both age groups, in each county.

A save the date flyer for participants, as well as the rules and guidelines sheet for participation and all registration forms, can be found here:

PLEASE NOTE! 4-H Staff/Faculty Signature REQUIRED!

“On Target Tuesdays” Workshops Coming –
Starting In October!

October 6 Webinar Features Jade Krolikowski
National Junior Olympic Shooting Championships for Shotgun
2019 Junior Nationals Bronze Medalist

Youth Participation Requested!!
Survey of Youth and Animal Interaction During COVID-19
We want to know more about how young people are spending their time during social isolation from COVID-19, especially when it comes to youth and animals! Please consider asking youth age 7- 18 in your household to complete this brief survey.

¡Queremos saber más sobre cómo los jóvenes pasan su tiempo durante el aislamiento social de COVID-19, especialmente cuando se trata de jóvenes y animales! Por favor considere pedirle a los jóvenes de 7 a 18 años en su hogar que completen esta breve encuesta.

You’re Invited to the 2020 Poultry Institute!

2020 Poultry Institute
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (PDT)

The Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory is excited to announce that the 2020 Poultry Institute will be a web-based event. This conference is intended for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and producers. We have an exciting group of speakers lined up, and a full schedule should be available shortly.

Registration opens September 1 and will be $15 per person. Continuing education credit has been approved for veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

Questions? Contact Dr. Laura Chen
Phone: 253-445-4537


IMPORTANT REMINDER Regarding WSU Extension Adult/Youth Interactions during COVID-19
As we are all in communication via technology with youth at this time, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of WSU Extension’s policy on interactions. Under this policy, AT NO TIME should one adult be meeting or communicating with youth WITHOUT the presence of another adult. This policy pertains to Zoom conferences, telephone conversations, text messages, social media posts, etc. To facilitate communication, make certain to cc another adult on written communications, and invite another adult to be present during virtual meetings. The second adult is recommended to be a WSU volunteer; other adults can serve in this role if you’re in a pinch.

Jana S. Ferris
Associate Professor
Volunteer Specialist, WSU Extension

A Reminder: COVID-19 Resources Available from WSU Extension
The WSU Extension COVID-19 Updates and Resources page is updated as new information becomes available. The Link to the page is

National 4-H Council Shares Survey on COVID-19 Effects on Youth Mental Health and Loneliness
A new survey commissioned by National 4 H Council, and conducted by the Harris Poll, finds that 7 in 10 teens are struggling with their mental health in the wake of COVID-19.  More than half of those surveyed shared that the pandemic has increased their feelings of loneliness, with 64 percent believing it will have a lasting impact on their mental health. The survey, conducted in May 2020, is among the first to examine the impact this unprecedented public health crisis has had on U.S. teens.  The aims of the survey are to help practitioners gain a deeper understanding of the state of teen mental health and to gather teen perspectives on the issue as 4-H aims to empower young people with the resources and support to address their health and well-being head on.

Read the full article at

Caring for Your Family During COVID-19

The Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families has created a
resource for parents during COVID-19. The WASHINGTON STATE RESOURCE GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS: Caring for Your Family During COVID-19 was developed to help parents and their families navigate the pandemic and the days to follow. The publication is available at

WSU Extension 4-H Steps Up to State Of Washington Lieutenant Governor’s Office’s Mask Making Challenge!

The State of Washington Lieutenant Governor’s Office recently issued a Mask Making Challenge , and information went out about the challenge last week – but not in Tuesday News, unfortunately! WSU Extension Offices have been designated to act as distribution points for the Mask Kits (Which include enough fabric for 10 masks) and for them to advertise and recruit for this challenge.

A link to the information flyer distributed for the Mask Making Challenge is here, A link to the suggested instructions for making masks is here.

Thank you for your support and efforts toward this project!

Handout from WSDA Animal Services Livestock Inspection Program Addresses Brand Inspection Requirements for Cattle in Youth Market Sales
The WSDA Animal Services Livestock Inspection Program has created a handout with regard to brand inspections required for cattle that change ownership as it pertains to 4-H kids/fairs.

The document can be found by clicking here.

WSDA Shares Update on Out-of-State Pigs Coming to Washington Due to COVID-19
The Washington State Department of Agriculture, Animal Services Division has recently released a document regarding the increased importing of pigs to Washington due to COVID-19 related closures and production slowdowns. The document, titled “What you should know about out-of-state pigs in Washington State” is available by clicking here.

WSDA Shares Recommendations for Reducing COVID-19 Risk in Groups of People Caring for Groups of Animals
The Washington State Department of Agriculture has recently made some recommendations regarding reducing COVID-19 risk in animal care. The documents are available by clicking on the title below:

Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol

Caretaker Contact List

Group Livestock Care Instructions

Group Livestock Care Schedule

WSDA Group Care of Livestock

Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe
With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing every day, psychologists offer insights on how to separate yourself from others, while still getting the social support you need.

Additional Equine Resources Added to Horse Project Page
Extension Horses COVID-19 Infographics for Equine Owners and Facilities have been added to the Horse Project page. They are located under the “Other Resources and Websites” link and are intended to provide general information.

Everyday Actions to Help Prevent the Spread of Respiratory Viruses
Here are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses:
• Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
• Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
• Stay home when you are sick.
• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

A WSU hand-washing video can be accessed here.

There’s also this link to the Washington State Department of Health’s ‘WashYourHandsingTon” web page.

WSU has established an informational website that is being frequently updated – it can be found here. It has general information from the Center for Disease Control and the Washington State Department of Health.

Because of differing levels of outbreaks and risk of exposure to covid-19 and the coronavirus in different communities, please refer to your local health department and your local County Extension Office for information applicable to your community.

Updated September 22, 2020