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Parenting Education

Colville Reservation Extension Parenting Programs:

Positive Indian Parenting
An 8-week course that is a practical and culturally specific training program.  The program explores the values and attitudes expressed in traditional child-rearing practices, and applies those values to modern parenting.  The program also helps parents develop positive and satisfying attitudes, values, and skills that have roots in their cultural heritage.  Along with having a trained Positive Indian Parenting facilitator on-site, WSU Colville Reservation Extension has trained many members of the Reservation communities to be facilitators.  If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, or interested in attending classes, contact the WSU Colville Reservation Extension office at (509) 634-2304.


For More Information:

If you would like information contact Kayla Wells-Yoakum at 509-634-2306.

A woman holding up a cradleboard.
Reservation Elder Explains the Traditional Use of a Cradleboard to Participants of Positive Indian Parenting Classes.