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4-H Youth Development falls under the STAR Program because we have events specifically focused on science and technology programming.

Colville Reservation Extension 4-H Youth Development STAR Programs:

4-H National Youth Science Day: WSU Colville Reservation Extension 4-H program is the only Extension 4-H program that has actively taught and participated in all six 4-H NYSD (National Youth Science Day) events.  Therefore, the youth of the Colville Reservation have been exposed to cutting-edge science and technology enrichment and education for six consecutive years.

4-H Science Exploration with Reservation Schools: To provide fun, hands-on science exploration opportunities to reservation youth.  This helps spark an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math and helps foster a mind-set that learning can be fun!

4-H Super Science Saturdays: To provide a day of hands-on scientific exploration in the areas of natural resources, energy production, mapping, and engineering.

4-H Youth Development also falls under the R Fit Nation Program because 4-H events focus on developing lifeskills in youth.

Colville Reservation Extension 4-H Youth Development R Fit Nation Programs:

Fair Participation: 4-H youth from the Colville Reservation exhibit their 4-H projects at the local county fairs.  This provides them with opportunities to demonstrate mastery in their project areas.  Participating in fairs also provides youth with opportunities to practice such lifeskills as: diplomacy, sportsmanship, leadership, communication, critical thinking, and responsibility.

4-H Small Animal Clinics: To provide education on how to properly select, care for, groom, and show small animals.

4-H Challenge Activities: To provide youth with hands-on experiences to develop lifeskills like responsibility, decision making, communication, and teamwork, that give them the tools to become caring, capable, contributing citizens.

Bullying Prevention Workshops: To provide education on how to recognize the signs of bullying, how to recognize different types of bullying, who is affected by bullying, how to prevent bullying, and how to get help when being bullied.

After-School 4-H Sewing: To provide hands-on opportunities for youth to learn basic sewing skills.  These skills will aid them in creating traditional and ceremonial garments, as well as enable them to gain skills necessary to create affordable gifts for their families.