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Make Seed Bombs to Attract Pollinators

WSU Colville Reservation Extension 4-H program is partnering and collaborating with Colville Tribal and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Natural Resource programs – Environmental Trust, Range, Fish & Wildlife, & Mt. Tolman Fire Control –  to teach youth how to make seed bombs to attract pollinators. The youth also get to learn about wildland fire and the damage that it causes to the lands. The objective of this project is to promote environmental stewardship and awareness in youth by encouraging them to take an active role in helping the environment.

Dorla Selam with Seed Bomb
Pile of Seed Bombs with Heal the Earth sticker
Scorched Earth for replanting
Seed bomb on the ground


“We have developed the Seed Bomb project as a form of citizen science, to help rehabilitate and rejuvenate the burned rangelands” stated Linda McLean, Director/FRTEP 4-H Extension Educator for WSU Colville Reservation Extension 4-H Program.  McLean went on to say, “In the summer of 2021, the Colville Reservation was ravaged by wildfire. This project allows for reservation youth to learn about the damage that wildfire can create and how they can help heal the Earth.”


Slow Burn: The Encroachment of Invasive Species on Tribal Lands

For more information and videos, visit the M3 Agriculture Technologies website.

Invasive Species Materials

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