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Food Safety Education

Colville Reservation Extension Food Safety Programs:

Hand Washing: To provide education about how germs are passed from person-to-person, why hand washing is important before preparing food, and how to wash hands properly.

Food Safety for Older Adults: To educate older adults on the four basics of food safety- clean, separate, cook, chill.

Large Gathering Food Safety: To educate on how to keep family and guests safe when providing food at large gatherings.

For More Information:

If you would like information contact Kayla Wells-Yoakum at 509-634-2306.

External Resources:

WSU Consumer Food Safety Website:

The Partnership for Food Safety Education:


Child washing her hands
Reservation Youth Practices Correct Hand Washing Techniques after Learning that Clean Hands Promote Healthy Living.

A child placing his hands under a black light.
Reservation Youth Views the Effectiveness of his Hand Washing Technique Through the Use Lotion that Glows Under a Black Light.