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Washington State University

WSU Snohomish County Extension office has moved!

Our office is now located in the Snohomish County Parks & Recreation Administration Office at Willis Tucker Park, 6705 Puget Park Drive, Snohomish, 98296.

Pollination in Home Gardens

Why are pollinators important?

U.S. farms and gardens raise over 100 important crops that either need or benefit from native pollinators! The economic impact of these important insects is estimated at over $3 billion/year in the U.S. alone.

Unfortunately, our essential native pollinators are at risk from habitat loss, pesticide use, and introduced diseases.

Discover how you can become part of the solution by enriching your surroundings with native flowering plants and reducing/eliminating the use of pollinator-harmful pesticides. The links below will help you learn more about these important creatures and how you can help them thrive once more.


Knowing who is visiting your garden is important to understanding who is missing.

Citizen Science Guide to Wild Bees and Floral Visitors in Western Washington (pdf)

Field Guide to Common Puget Sound Native Bees (pdf)

Introduction to Cavity-Nesting Bees in the Puget Sound Region (pdf)

Common Bee Pollinators of Oregon Crops (PDF)

Washington Bumble Bees in Home Yards and Gardens (pdf)

Megachilid Bees in the Pacific Northwest (pdf)

Bee Basics-Introduction to Native Bees USDA (pdf)

Seven Native Bees to Know in Washington State (webpage)

Orchard Mason Bee (pdf)

How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee (pdf)

Plants & Habitat

Learn what our native pollinators need for food, nesting, rearing young, and overwintering.

Pollinator Conservation Resources: Pacific Northwest Region (webpage)

Enhancing Nest Sites For Native Bee Crop Pollinators (pdf)

Pollinator Plants – Maritime Northwest Region (pdf)

Constructing Backyard Bee Hotels

Gardening for Pollinators (Pollinator Partnership webpage)

12 Plants to Entice Pollinators to Your Garden (webpage)

Native Plants for Hummingbirds (pdf)

Pesticides & Pollinators

In addition to habitat loss, pesticide overuse and misuse contribute to a decline in our native pollinators.

How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides (pdf)

Guidance to Protect Habitat from Pesticide Contamination (pdf)

How Neonicotinoids Can Kill Bees

Organic Pesticides (pdf)

Pollinator Pages & Organizations

Bumblebee Links (webpage) –  Includes plans for nest boxes, rearing, etc.

Native Bee Links (webpage) – broad range of information on native bees

Pollinators (webpage) – everything pollinator from USDA

Xerces Society (website) – huge selection of publications, resources

The Bee Conservancy (website)

Documents and Resources for Pollinator Conservation (webpage) from NRCS

Pollinator Partnership (website)

(Link update 10/09/2023 Dave Pehling)