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Washington State University Extension

Volunteer Training and Resources

The Washington State 4-H Youth Development Program is committed to offering both current and prospective volunteers a direct and convenient way to access essential training materials and other resources. To learn more about what is required to become a volunteer, contact your local Extension Office.

Volunteer Resources

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

WSU 4-H Youth Development is committed to providing safe and inclusive environments for all youth and adults. The resources on this page will help volunteers when working with youth, adults and families. A special thanks to University of Minnesota Extension for helping gather these resources together.

Volunteer Training


GivePulse Volunteer Training Video

June 23, 2022 training session

How-To Videos

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Accessing Volunteer Education on


To access the class, review these instructions:

4-H eXtension Volunteer Education



Washington State 4-H Volunteer Orientation

This online course is designed to orient new 4-H volunteers. Participants will learn:

  • Volunteer Roles & Relationships
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Youth/Adult Partnerships
  • Safe & Inclusive Environments
  • Learn by Doing

To access the trainings, contact your county extension office for an enrollment key. Then visit eXtension to log into the training courses.

Put the Child First

WSU Extension remains committed in its efforts to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults. In our continuing efforts to assure a safe environment for all program participants, Washington State University Extension is requiring child protection training for all faculty, staff and volunteers working with youth and vulnerable adults.

This 20-minute presentation may be viewed at any time at your home or Extension office. Your registration for the training will be kept in the system as proof of your participation.

To participate in this training, contact your county extension office for an enrollment key. Then visit eXtension to access the course.

“Washington State 4-H Financial Management”

This course is intended for:

  • Washington State 4-H Club Leaders
  • Washington State 4-H Club Treasurers

To participate in this training, contact your county extension office for an enrollment key. Then visit eXtension to access the course.

Washington State 4-H Food Preservation Training

How to Enroll


WSU Extension has a new online food preservation program. “Washington State 4-H Food Preservation Training” is a series of five online lessons for 4-H project leaders leading Food Preservation curriculum and activities. All 4-H Project Leaders leading Food Preservation projects and activities will need to have completed this training series to enroll.

The training series emphasizes best practices for food preservation and safety. It is designed for beginning and veteran canners who want to update their knowledge and skills. The lessons provide the most current USDA-approved food preservation recommendations. Topics include food safety, the basics of canning and information on specific food preservation methods, including pressure canning and boiling water bath canning, as well as making fruit spreads and pickled foods. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course.

To take the online course, visit Washington State 4-H Food Preservation Training to register for the series. To participate, you will need a computer with video and audio capability and have a stable internet connection. The training is free to 4-H Volunteers.