Scholarships & Grants

Program Contact: Tanya Barnett, 4-H Youth Coordinator
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Jefferson County 4-H Council Small, Merit-Based Grants

Small, Merit-based Grants Application due May 1 and September 30, 2017

The Jefferson County 4-H Council annually awards grants ($50-$200) to 4-H youth members, 4-H Projects, ond 4-H Clubs/Groups who help to PROMOTE ond/or RAISE FUNDS for 4-H programs and scholarships that benefit youth throughout our county (i.e., promotion ond fundraising that extends beyond o single 4-H Club/Group). Those applying for such grants must report their activities on the Jefferson County 4-H Council Promotion/Fundraising Log. All grant proposals must help to further the “Essential Elements” of 4-H.  individual 4-H members, 4-H Projects, and entire 4-H Clubs/Groups in Jefferson County are encouraged to apply.  For more information and to apply, please click on the fillable form above.

Jefferson County 4-H Council Scholarships

Scholarship Application Forms due April 1, 2017

The Jefferson County 4-H Council annually awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors enrolling in post-high school education who have shown active involvement in 4-H for four or more years.  Please click on the application form above for more information and to apply.  Also see these links below to get a sense of how Council evaluates applications:scholarships
Evaluation Page 1
Evaluation Page 2

WA State 4-H Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Applications due March 15, 2017

Each year Washington State 4-H members, who are seniors in high school or completing their GED, are eligible for many scholarships. Washington State 4-H is pleased to offer 15 different scholarships. Current and former Washington State 4-H members are eligible to apply. You must have completed a Washington State 4-H record book for both your junior and senior years in high school. NOTE: The WA State 4-H record book is different than the Jefferson County 4-H recordbook.

Click here for the WA State 4-H recordbook Level 2 forms. Applicants must have accumulated at least 2 years of 4-H affiliation. Previous Washington State 4-H scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply.

For current application directions for 4-H WA State Scholarships go to: 


Additional scholarship guidance available for all college and college bound students from The Simple Dollar.

This is a great guide that helps outline the scholarship process.