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Become a 4-H Volunteer

Posted by tammy.folks | November 3, 2017

We are glad you want to become a 4-H Volunteer!

There are four basic types of volunteers:


a) Activity Leader – This is the “I want to help do basics things” level of volunteering. (Gives leadership to an event or activity within a club or short-term group ⇒ 4-H Policy, 7.3.1., p. 18)

b) Project Leader – This is “I want to lead a group of youth in our club in a project area like cooking, horse, air rifles, or robotics, but I do not want to lead the whole club,” level of volunteering. (Leads a specific project or curriculum within a club/group ⇒ 4-H Policy, 7.3.1, p. 18)

c) General/Organizational Leader – This is the “I am willing to organize and lead a 4-H Club” level of volunteering. (Assumes primary responsibility for a club/group ⇒ 4-H Policy, 7.3.1, p. 18)

d) 4-H Service Leader or 4-H County Program Leader – This is what we collectively refer to in Ferry County as a “Resource Leader.” It is the “I want to engage in and support 4-H, but don’t necessarily want to be active at the club level” of volunteering. (⇒ 4-H Policy, 7.3.1, p. 18)

What is the best training option for me?


Face-to-face training is always the best option with WSU Ferry County 4-H faculty and staff. You learn about 4-H in general and how it works in Ferry County. However, there are two options for training:

Both involve the same enrollment paperwork.

  • Online Training ⇒ If you “ just want to help” and become an Activity Leader, you may choose online training.
  • Face-to-face ⇒ If you want to become a Project, General/Organizational, 4-H Service, or 4-H County Program Leader you must attend a face-to-face training.

The steps to become a volunteer (for online or face-to-face)

1. General enrollment ⇒ for every new volunteer 

a. 4-H Online enrollment Here

b. Step-by-step help sheet for 4-H Online enrollment Here

2. Letters of Recommendation ⇒ for every new volunteer ⇐ See the form here.

3. I want to be an Activity Leader. To do online training follow this link for training to here (and the generic password is “Volunteer”)

4. I want to be a Project, General/Organizational, 4-H Service, or 4-H County Program Leader. You must attend a 3-hour training at the 4-H Office.

If you are not seeing any of the above forms as fillable PDFs, click here to update your Adobe Reader