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4-H Know Your Government Conference

Are you a teen or do you have a teen that is in or would like to join 4-H to better understand Washington State Government hands-on? There is a great opportunity available in attending the Know Your Government (KYG) conference.

Know Your Government (KYG) is a civic education program with a four-year rotating topic:  The Legislative System, The Judicial System, Elections and Party Platforms, and Politics and the Media. KYG and 4-H are about learning the life skills our delegates will need to be responsible citizens and productive adults.  The conference is an opportunity for delegates to practice the skills they have learned, apply their knowledge to unknown situations and reflect on how they did.

This leadership event looks great on scholarship applications. For more information visit the KYG Home page.

Pictured below is the Ferry County 2020 delegation with Senator Shelly Short and Saundra Richartz, staff counsel with WA State Legislature.