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4-H Members

These are just SOME of the ways to get involved in Ferry County

Pretty image of scholarship wordWashington State & 4-H Scholarship Information

Washington State 4-H is pleased to offer a number of different scholarships. Current and former Washington State 4-H members are eligible to apply. Applicants must have accumulated at least two years of 4-H affiliation. Previous Washington State 4-H scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply. Applicants must be a senior attending an accredited two or four-year college or university in the fall. Scholarship application opens January 1st. Deadline to apply is March 15 at 9:59 pm. 4-H Scholarship Application process is through 4HOnline (see the right hand column on the link)

Ferry County 4-H Record Books

Stop by the 4-H office to pick up your free copy of the Ferry County 4-H Record Book.4-H Record Book

Record Books are not a Ferry County 4-H requirement however it may be a club requirement. All 4-H members are strongly encouraged to keep a record book. Save your book for future reference when you are in high school and need scholarship(s) or job reference materials. Or use it to look back on fond memories of your 4-H years! We recommend getting a 3-ring binder and dividing each section of your book.

Remember, it is OK to leave some spaces blank. Not every member does everything. It is important to be accurate, clear and complete on the project records you do have.

The Ferry County record book is fillable online including the extra project sheets. Although a typed record book is always neat, don’t forget to include the personal touch with coloring and handwritten notes. Also, the work must be done by the 4-H’er!


  • 4-H Educational Posters

This is not a Ferry County 4-H requirement, but most clubs require their members to complete one educational poster per 4-H  project.

A good educational poster should be a simple design, easy to read from a distance, show creativity and most importantly convey educational value. Interactive posters are encouraged! The 4-H office does not laminate posters for the Ferry County Fair. If your blue ribbon poster is state fair bound, 4-H members can call the office to schedule a time if you would like your poster laminated.