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Program Contact: Trevor Lane, County Director/Associate Professor
509-775-5225 x1116 •

Range Areas ~ Cattle, Horses, Mules & Donkeys

Responsibilities of Residents Regarding the Range Area Laws in Ferry County. See the brochure: Range Area Ferry

ANIMAL ALERT! Heat Stress in livestock

In extreme heat, livestock needs extra attention to be protected from heat stress. Read the publication Heat Stress in Livestock from WSU Extension livestock experts.

WSDA asks beekeepers to look for and report Asian giant hornet

If you believe you have seen an Asian giant hornet or if a beekeeper has noticed the aftermath of an attack, we want to hear about it. There are several ways to report:
Use the online reporting form at

When reporting a sighting, please provide as much of the following details as possible:

  • Photos of the hornet or beehive damage.
  • Your name and contact information.
  • The location where the hornet was spotted or the location of the impacted hives.
  • Description of the loss or damage to a hive (if photos are not available.)
  • Date or approximate date observed.
  • Direction of flight when the hornet flew away.

For more information, see the WSDA blogpost on Asian Giant Hornet.

Fact sheet on the Asian Giant hornet.


WSU Extension Statewide Animal Ag Website

Animal agriculture has an important role in Washington’s economy and communities. WSU Extension faculty and specialists involved in animal agriculture production from across Washington state have launched an updated version of the Washington State University Extension Animal Ag Website. This website features fact sheets, event program details, and resource team member contact information for topics including beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep/goats, horses, other minor food animal species, forages/pasture, and water quality.  The website also features resources for youth livestock producers and there is also a section of fact sheets available in Spanish.

Feeding Livestock During and After a Disaster

Emergency Feeding of Livestock is a WSU Extension publication addressing the challenges of keeping animals healthy during times of stress.

Grasshopper Biology and Management

WSU Ferry County Extension, in collaboration with USDA and APHIS (Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service), has produced the video Grasshopper Life Cycle and Biology.

WSU Ferry County Extension offers assistance and/or research-based information in the following agricultural areas:





Practical solutions for farmers experiencing difficulty working due to physical or mental health barriers.

To find out all about this project, click here.