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Year-End Awards

Program Contact: Anji Scalf, 4-H Youth & Families Coordinator
360-379-5610 x208 •

Jefferson County Year-End Pins

2022 – 2023 Year-End Pin Requirements 

At the end of each 4-H Year (which runs from Oct 1 – Sep 30 each calendar year), many 4-H youth enjoy the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments publicly. One way in which we do this as an entire county is at our Year-End Awards event: Celebrate 4-H. At this event, 4-H members and leaders receive special recognition for their participation in 4-H, in specific 4-H projects, and in areas of personal growth (e.g., leadership, community service).

Jefferson County Year-End Pins: 2022 – 2023 Requirements

Each year, Jefferson County 4-H Council awards a 4-H Year-End Pin to 4-H members who accomplish the following:

1. Attend most 4-H Club/Program meetings (please notify leader of absences).

2. Participate in at least one 4-H Community Service activity.

3. Participate in at least one 4-H Council-sponsored event/activity/fundraiser (optional).

4. Give a public presentation/demonstration at a Club Meeting, Spring Presentation event and/or County Fair (optional).

5. Participate or exhibit at the Jefferson County Fair.

6. Participate in at least one service-in-kind activity to help support the Jefferson County Fair. (Contact Lauri Hampton to make arrangements: or 360.437.2388)

7. Complete and turn in the ‘4-H Story’ section from your Record Book. Youth should turn in complete section to main Club/Program Leader before October 9th, in order to allow Leaders enough time to review prior to submitting to the WSU Extension / 4-H Office.

Cloverbud members (age 5 – 7) only need to complete five of the seven requirements.

Adult Year-End Pins
  • In order for an adult Leader to receive a Leader, year pin, they must be enrolled as a 4-H Volunteer. Only Leaders completing their 1st-5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, etc. years may receive pins. Main Club/Program Leaders must turn in a completed “Year-End Pin” form listing eligible youth and adults to the 4-H/WSU Extension Office no later than September 30.
County Project and Activity “Medals”
  • County Medals are giving in most 4-H project and activity areas (e.g., Horse, Robotics, Public Speaking, Leadership, Community Service, etc. see back for current list of medals) based upon a 4-H member’s exceptional participation and commitment throughout the year. To be eligible for a County Medal, a member must have earned their 4-H Year-End Pin first. Leaders fill out “Project/Activity Recognition” forms and turn in to 4-H/WSU Extension office by September 30.

Year-End Award Resources: