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Resources for Leaders

Program Contact: Dorothy Elsner, 4-H Program Coordinator
360-395-2360 •

State Volunteer Resources

Check out this page for information on important resources and forms.

Extension Publications


Club Finance

Insurance and Risk Management

Volunteer Hours Reporting


At least once a month, leaders need to enter their volunteer hours online.

  1. Go To:
  2. Log-on using you e-mail address and use as initial password the word: password! (note the exclamation sign at the end)
    1. If you cannot log-on it is because your e-mail is not updated.
  3. You must complete an initial setup (just the first time you log-in). It will take just a few minutes. After that updating your monthly hours should only take 10 – 20 minutes per month.
  4. Select “Volunteers”.
  5. Click “Enter Activity”.
  6. Select an activity from dropdown lists. There are 4 activities to select:
    1. Deliver Educational Training
    2. Help at Fair
    3. Prepare for Educational Training
    4. Support/Office Work
  7. . Select the date and time on which the activity occurred.
    1. You may have to use the navigation arrows on the calendar to get to the correct month.
    2. You can enter multiple activities for the same day. However, each activity must have a different start and end time.
  8. Click the “Save”.
    1. After you save a record, there will be a message at the top of the page to indicate that the record was saved.\
  9. Now you may choose another menu item on the left, logout, or add a new record.
    1. If you add a new record, simply change the information needed to reflect the new activity.
    2. You may click the “Clear the Form” button to star with a blank record.

Put the Child First Registration

WSU Extension remains committed in its efforts to prevent the abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults.  In our continuing efforts to assure a safe environment for all program participants, Washington State University Extension is requiring child protection training for all faculty, staff, and volunteers working with youth and vulnerable adults.

This 20-minute presentation may be viewed at any time at your home or Extension office computer.  Additionally your county may choose to host group training and discussion opportunities at an event or training.  Your registration for the training will be kept in the system as proof of your participation.

We appreciate your compliance with this requirement.  For more information, contact your 4-H staff.

Register for “Put the Child First”
Fill in the information requested and press “Submit Request.”