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Livestock Advisors

Program Contact: Joan DeVries, Livestock Advisors Program Coordinator
(360) 395-2370 •

Plan and Prosper

Connect and find local resources to
develop a strategic plan for your
Homestead, avoiding costly



Learn how to integrate livestock on your farm using the knowledge you gain to make productive choices for fencing, noxious weeds, feeding, breeding, housing, and pastures.



Network with your kind of people while learning strategic, sustainable methods for maximizing forage while producing pastured livestock.




Each year we bring in experts in their fields to teach classes and share their years of experience. We invite livestock and pasture experts, Veterinarians, and loyal farmers outstanding in their fields.


Giving Back

After training we ask you to give back 40 hours of time over 2 years to our program. Plenty of opportunities arise for all: Fairs, helping out on tours, educational events….


How do I apply?

Livestock Advisor Application

Or contact your local WSU Extension office for an application. In Skagit County our office is located at 11768 Westar Lane, Ste. A, Burlington, WA 98233. Please return your application to this address. Our telephone number is 360-428-4270 or you can reach our Livestock Advisors Program via e-mail at

APPLY HERE for the 2023 Livestock Advisor Training!

Space is limited, so please apply soon.

Livestock Master Foundation Scholarship Application

Apply here for the 2024 Livestock Master Foundation Scholarships. Please email with any questions.

Class Participant Testimonial

Donna Melton- I grew up on a small homestead in a small town with parents who grew, raised foraged, hunted 98% of the food we consumed.  How ever, like most kids I didn’t pay attention to raising livestock, preserving food, or homesteading. What I had learned as a child had been long forgotten after my move to the city.  In 2006 I moved from the city to my own small homestead and tried to raise some animals.  There were struggles, tears, frustration and a lot of questions.  In 2016 I was made aware of the Livestock Advisors program and took the 10-week course.  The classes are taught by instructors who come from many professional backgrounds, but the common denominator is a love for homesteading/farming and sharing that knowledge.   Since 2016 I have continued to be very involved with the Livestock Advisors program by becoming a board member, and volunteering at the Country Living Expo.  What has the Livestock Advisors program given me?  It has given me so much more than knowledge related to raising livestock.  It has given me a community of likeminded people that I can call on at any time with questions or concerns. It has given me a group of people that I can call not only – mentor but friend.

Do you want to increase your knowledge about livestock?

Take the Livestock Advisor training this fall
Plan on attending the next Country Living Expo and Cattlemen’s Winterschool in January.