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Citizenship, Leadership, & Personal Development

Program Contact: Debbie Williams
509-524-2685 •


  • Develop self-understanding
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Practice working with groups
  • Develop management skills





Citizenship means helping out in your community and serving others without compensation. The 4-H’ers primary goal is to benefit someone else.

Leadership is having major responsibility for guiding the planning and carrying out of an activity to help a group attain its goal. Leadership is the process of determining needs, exploring resources, setting goals, planning action, and evaluating. The 4-H’ers main goal is to develop skills related to leadership. These skills could include teaching another person or a group skills or information and includes organizing or coordinating an activity, event, or meeting, selecting and preparing materials, and selecting presenters. Key words that show leadership include plan, facilitate, conduct, teach, guide, and lead.

Personal Development is an ongoing, lifelong process where you evaluate your skills and abilities and then develop goals and processes that enable you to enhance those skills and abilities or that enable you to achieve new skills and abilities.

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