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For Leaders & Volunteers

Program Contact: Debbie Williams
509-524-2685 •

Take the Lead. Volunteer. Become a Leader.

4-H Volunteers

  • Share your skills and knowledge with young people.
  • Emphasize family and community.
  • Help youth learn using hands on experience.

Youth need volunteers who offer support and encouragement as they learn by doing.

As a volunteer, you will receive:

  • learning materials furnished through Washington State University and access to other support materials
  • volunteer liability coverage at bonafide 4-H activities
  • leader training

Ways to Volunteer:

General Leader of a 4-H Club – assumes primary responsibility for a 4-H club/group. Meets at regular intervals with youth in a club format providing support, guidance, leadership, and direction.  Volunteers, on average, approximately 100 hours per year.

Project Leader – leads a specific project or curriculum within a club/group. A primary educator of skills and knowledge associated with a specific subject matter.

Activity Leader – gives leadership to an event or activity within the county, club or short-term group.

  • Teach a specific project or skill at a county workshop or short-term class.
  • Help with a county 4-H activity or event.
  • Judge contests or activities.
  • Promote 4-H or assists with fundraising.

What is expected from Volunteers:

4-H volunteers help members learn and have fun. Volunteers are provided with training and learning materials to help them guide youth through their 4-H projects and activities, while also teaching life skills.

Walla Walla 4-H Leaders’ Council consists of all enrolled general & project 4-H leaders. The responsibility of the council is to provide input on county and state 4-H policy, promote 4-H, recruit and train new volunteers, secure and manage local 4-H funds, and fulfill the 4-H mission.

All program volunteers must pass a Verify Volunteer background check.  Out-of-State or recently relocated volunteers may require a national background check.  This check is free of charge to you.

What is required to apply?

General and Project Leaders: In addition to passing a “Verify Volunteer” background check, potential volunteers are required to provide three personal references, attend a personalized orientation meeting with the 4-H extension staff, and receive a confirmation letter from the Extension Agent, prior to forming or enrolling members in their new club.  Within the first year, volunteers must complete 3 hours of face-to-face training and online training.

Activity Leaders: Activity Leaders are required to complete a “Verify Volunteer” Background Check. Contact the Extension Office for an application.

General & Project Leader Enrollment Forms: