4-H Record Books

Program Contact: Tanya Barnett, 4-H Youth Coordinator
360-379-5610 x208 • tanya.barnett@wsu.edu

Why 4-H Record Books?

In 4-H, record keeping is a positive experience that grows along with the 4-H member. Keeping records is practical and encourages good planning and evaluation for 4-H projects enhancing the educational experience of the 4-H member.  Record keeping should be practical, encourage good planning and evaluation, and add to 4-H members’ educational experience, not detract from it.  For more on why 4-Hers keep records, please read the 4-H Leader Guide to Record Keeping.

4-H Record Books in Jefferson County

As of October 2016, Jefferson County 4-H members use our state’s 4-H Record Books:

  • 4-H Cloverbud members (ages 5-8) use the state’s Level I Record Book (WSU Publication #C0932).
  • 4-H Junior (ages 8-10), Intermediate (ages 11-13), and Senior (ages 14-19) members use the state’s Level II Record Book (WSU Publication #C0934).
  • In addition, all 13-19 year-old members are encouraged to keep and complete a Level II Permanent Record (WSU Publication #C0935).  This is especially applicable to high school juniors and seniors planning to apply for county and state 4-H scholarships.

4-H Project “Add Sheets”

In addition to the Record Books listed above, in Jefferson County some of our 4-H Projects include additional pages or “add sheets”: