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Program Contact: Gwen Hoheisel, Tree Fruit, Viticulture & Berries Regional Specialist
(509) 786-5609 •

The “Grape Guide”

Cover of '2022 Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington' publicationThe Pest Management Guide for Grapes in Washington (aka Grape Guide) is updated each year in January or February.  It is a grower’s guide to control diseases, insects, weeds, and vertebrate pests on commercial grapes. Weed controls – both soil-active and foliage-applied herbicides – are outlined for new and established plantings. Disease and insect controls are coordinated to pest and crop stage.

How to get your copy of the grape guide

Purchase a copy at our Prosser office (cash or check only) or order online at WSU Publications Store

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Vine to Wine Video Series

Vine to Wine: Successfully Establishing a Vineyard and Winery. Moyer, M.M. and G.A. Hoheisel

vine-to-wine-coverThese videos are recommended for those considering starting a vineyard or winery, or for those who have recently entered the Washington wine industry. The goal of this video series is to educate potential and new growers and winemakers in the essentials of economically viable, environmentally sustainable, high-quality grape and wine production practices.

Starting a vineyard or winery is a large investment that requires extensive financial, marketing, and horticultural planning. Throughout this video series, participants will learn the ins and outs of vineyard and business establishment and management. The economics of starting a vineyard and the principles of site selection, establishment, and sustainable grape production will all be addressed. In addition, the video series will outline the basics of winery design and equipment, what to look for in grapes, fermentation science, the science of red and white winemaking, and the economics of establishing and running a winery.  Learn more