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Program Contact: Gwen Hoheisel, Tree Fruit, Viticulture & Berries Regional Specialist
(509) 786-5609 •

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When it comes to irrigated agriculture, you have a unique set of interests. At WSU Extension, we want to provide you with the information that matches your interests, and nothing more. Our team has joined together with WSU Specialists in other counties across Washington State to set up an email information delivery service that you can customize to your specific information needs. Receive time-sensitive information as soon as we have it, even while you are on the go.  SIGN UP TODAY

Crop Protection Guides Available

The WSU Extension Pest Management Crop Protection Guides for Grapes (EB0762) and Tree Fruit (EB0419) are an invaluable resource for local area growers that are updated each year.  You can expect to see the latest version published in February/March for grapes and April for tree fruit.  Hard copies may be purchased at our Prosser office  or on the WSU Publications website.  Electronic copies can be viewed below.